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So I put the finishing touches on my latest story. Kind of a short romp, but I was hoping someone wouldn't mind giving it a once over before I post it, maybe give me some notes on how to make it better?
Heya folks, sorry for being so long with the updates. I'm kinda working on a new project for my deviant art page that will result in a lot more stories written. Hopefully it will get me in gear to finish the Spider-Man centric series we started so long ago. Thanks for checking in on me and encouraging me to get off my ass and finish and hopefully I get some stuff up soon that you might enjoy.

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Round 5
Both women got up from their stools and made their way to the center. They moved slowly but right for one another with little concern for defense. Sharon was showing signs of battle, her body a bruised and scratched mess. Rose appeared equally as battered, but also was beginning to look exhausted as she breathed heavily through a open mouth. As they got within arms length they both reached out their hands and latched onto their foe’s damaged nipples. Screams echoed off the room from both fighters, as it was mixed with cheering and yelling. "Yeah lets see who’s tits are better," screams the ritzy blonde setting ringside. Rose’s legs started to quiver and shake as she was losing this nipple fight. In desperation, she used her size, she bullied Sharon towards the velvet ropes by her twisted nipples. "You got her Red," screamed the well dressed man as he was on the edge of his chair. I noticed that Sharon was hardly making any noise from the nipple torture that was occurring. As Rose pushed Sharon into the ropes she stood in front of Sharon spread legged and still twisting. Jeremy yelled at Sharon, "Do it now while you can, honey." Sharon moved her right arm up and between Rose’s open thighs and grabbed her vulnerable pussy as her left hand went for Rose’s hair and pulled backwards. Rose stopped moving and twisting and lets out a "Ohhhhhhhhhooo" as Sharon’s hand grabbed the labia lips and pulled. "Ahhhhhhgggggghhhhh", screamed Rose as she stopped twisting and moved her hands down to Sharon’s clutching hand. "Let my pussy goooooOOOOOOOO, AGHHHHHHHHH," screamed Rose as Sharon then slid two fingers into her love hole. "That a way to go Girl," yelled the cowboy.
Sharon was now in control as she was able to turn and push Rose backwards into the ropes by her hair and the pussy mauling, gritting her teeth in exertion the entire way. Rose could not get Sharon’s fingers out of her pussy so she redirected her hand and found Sharon’s trimmed groin hair. Rose grabbed and pulled the hair finally getting a low groin coming from Sharon. "Let my pussy go, fat cow, " spit out Sharon with anger. "No way bitch," spit back Rose as she too grabbed Sharon’s hair with her left hand and then slid some of her fingers into Sharon’s pussy. Both women were leaning into the ropes clutching, gouging their foe’s pussy as they pulled each others head over the ropes. Rose was the first to let go of Sharon’s hair and move her left hand down to Sharon’s pussy. Sharon grunted loudly as she felt Rose’s other hand attack her hurting groin. Sharon quickly fought back and lets go of Rose’s hair and joined her in the two handed pussy mauling. I again began stroking myself at seeing both women leaning in the ropes with their hands between their foe’s wide open legs.
"God Damn, would you look at that....a pussy fight going on! " yelled the cowboy as he waved his hat in the air. It certainly was a pussy fight, and Sharon was get the better, as she was pulling on Rose’s "fattened" pussy lips stretching and pulling the skin in gross distortion. Rose let go of Sharon’s pussy, the pain too great for her. Rose was tippy toeing as her vagina was getting stretched by Sharon. "You‘re finished, tubby" hissed Sharon and continued tugging and pulling.
Rose was groining loudly as she moved her hands down to Sharon’s hands to try and alleviate the pain in her crotch. Rose pulled and tugged on Sharon’s left hand was able to remove it from her throbbing groin. This was a mistake. As Rose worked to get Sharon’s right hand off of her groin, Sharon swung her left hand in a looping arc landing a hard slap to her swollen right eye. Rose’s head jerked to the side, her eyes rolled, and her legs buckled. She fell to the mat breaking Sharon’s hold on her groin. Rose landed on her left side by the ropes clutching her pussy. Sharon capitalized by continuing the attack on Rose’s damaged right eye. Sharon raised her foot and slammed in into Rose’s right eye. This did the trick as now blood wept out of the eyebrow cut.
Sharon pressed her advantage of Rose's predicament. She turned Rose onto her back. Standing on the turnbuckle nearby, Sharon leapt off the middle rope and landed her ass on Rose's belly, knocking the wind from the big redhead "Oooooofffff!". Rose collapsed back to the canvas. Sharon got up and lifted rose's ankles up to her waist, spreading her legs open. Lifting the ankles higher in a ‘V‘ pattern, she stepped forward and placed her right foot in Rose's tender crotch, leaning most of her weight onto that foot. Rose shrieked in pain and started to buck her legs, but Sharon held on. "Oowwwwww! Nooo!" Rose pleaded. Sharon leaned in more. She was so focused on grounding her heel into the shaved groin that she paid no mind when Rose got her right leg free of Sharon's grasp and started kicking at her. Her last kick struck Sharon sharply on the chin, the sexy teacher stumbled back and dropped like a stone to the canvas.
“Sharon, get up!" Jeremy yelled, but she laid there motionless, moaning. Rose slowly got to her knees, wiped the blood away from her eye, and gingerly got to her feet. She stalked over to Sharon, reached down and pulled up to her knees by her hair. "That really hurt, you Bitch!" Holding her up by her hair with her left hand, Rose bitch-slapped Sharon with her right hand several times. The stunned brunette offered no resistance. Her head jolted in either direction with the slaps, her cheeks reddening. Rose hauled Sharon to her feet, then picked her up and held her across her chest, like she was carrying a wounded child. Dropping to one knee, she slammed Sharon over the other knee in a back breaker. Sharon squealed, then fell limp, hanging over Rose's knee. Her perky breasts, now a deep shade of red, pointing directly at me. The big redhead then clasped her hands together in a fist and slammed it down onto Sharon’s tummy. The battered woman convulsed upward, the flopped off Rose's knee onto the floor.
"I’m not through with you yet, tit less!" Rose was wounded and furious, and she was now running on pure adrenaline. She dragged Sharon, by her hair, close to her own corner. Sharon was lying limply on the canvas as Rose climbed to the top of the turn buckle. The crowd noise increased as Rose reached the top. Amid cheers and whistles, Rose jumped off the rope and landed hard on Sharon, squashing her with a full body splash. I certainly never expected such a thing, but was impressed with Rose’s willingness to inflict pain.
Rose noticed that Sharon was not moving as she got to her feet. She stepped over her, straddling her, then lowered her groin onto Sharon’s face. Rose rubbed her pussy into Sharon’s face, easy at first, then started humping her foe’s face. "Big Red is screwing her face.....Yeahhhhh, go for it Red, " Yelled the ritzy blonde. I glanced down and noticed she had her hand on the gray haired man’s groin and had unzipped his fly jerking him off. The cowboy was rubbing his prick through his pants as well. This was getting out of hand. Sharon was not moving.....Was she done for? I noticed, along with just about everyone else to in the arena, that Rose was moaning and getting "off" this face smother. I looked at the clock....30 seconds......Was Sharon going to submit or was Rose going to cum first?
DING.....DING.....DING..... the bell rang. Rose continued humping as she got closer to cumming. I called for Rose to stop, but she was somewhere else. I started to administer my count. 1.........Ted quickly hopped between he ropes and scurried over to Rose and started pulling her off......2..........It was almost three when Ted pulled Rose off of Sharon’s face. As he pulled her up I glanced down and noticed that Sharon’s face had a moist shine to it.....Rose had leaked some of her juice onto her beaten down rival. Ted got Rose back to her chair and set her down and started to work on her right eyebrow. As he did this Rose slipped her finger down to her engorged clit and started rubbing it. He had no idea that Rose was fingering herself as he doctored her cut eyebrow. Just as he was putting on the cut grease she started shaking on her chair and had a wild orgasm. I have no idea how she did it after the total amount of punishment her crotch had taken throughout the fight.
Rose removed her finger and I saw it was glistening with juice. I looked over at Jeremy and Sharon and realized I’m not sure how she even got there. I looked at the ritzy blonde and saw her going down on the gray haired man’s dick, giving him a blow job. Meanwhile the cowboy was wiping his forehead with a handkerchief. Had he jerked himself off? Was my arena becoming a wild orgy? Hell, I was ready to shoot my load. The bell dinged starting round six. I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next.

The women came out of their corners more stumbling then walking. The fight had taken its toll. Rose’s eye was now fully shut. She was out of breath both from exhaustion and her between-round orgasm. Sharon was in bad shape herself from the closing minutes of previous round. Who was going to move first? Rose grabbed for her hair, yanking the sexy wounded teacher’s entire upper body down. Sharon shocked her with a unexpected uppercut to the red head’s pussy. The combined abuse of the entire fight, added to the extra sensitivity from her orgasm was more than Rose could handle. I wondered if she now regretted pleasuring herself between rounds, maybe a fatal error as she counted her chickens before they hatched. She let out a garbled scream as she collapsed to her knees. Sharon savagely kicked her in to chin causing big Rose to collapse to the canvas on her back. Where was she getting this from? I had never seen a fighter return from such a savage beating. She had taken a inhuman amount of abuse and still rallied back. The crowd roared its approval as Sharon walked around to Rose's head and plopped onto her in a reverse face sit! Now in control and considering the added bonus ‘Tex‘ had offered her for such a finish, Sharon had a renewed energy. Sharon began to grind her pussy back and forth on Rose's face while holding one arm in the air like she was riding a mechanical bull. Her sexy ass covered Rose's face completely as her cheeks tensed and relaxed rhythmically on the redhead's face. Sharon's swollen nipples were erect with the excitement she was feeling as she had her revenge ride on Rose's face. That was enough for me, I burst in my pants with such a orgasm I had to hold the top rope to keep my balance.
Suddenly, Sharon screamed. Rose had reached up with her arms and grabbed Sharon's tits! She pulled her forward by her tits, then raised her legs up and trapped the brunette's head between her powerful thighs. Rose slammed her legs back to the canvas, slamming Sharon's head to it as well. Sharon groaned and collapsed holding her skull. Rose got up, wiping as much of Sharon’s pre-ejaculation off her face as she could. "You are done, bitch!" Lifting Sharon to her feet by her hair, Rose slammed her right fist into Sharon's belly. "Ooooffff!" Sharon would have collapsed, but Rose held her up. She then slammed her fist into Sharon's face, sending her backward into the ropes. As she rebounded from the ropes, Rose slammed a forearm across her chest sending Sharon to the canvas hard. Rose stumbled to her corner and began climbing the turnbuckle. It was a long process due to her exhaustion and tortured pussy. Finally she climbed all the way to the top. With evil intentions she took flight. She meant to land, ample ass first, on top of her helpless brunette rival. However she had gone to the well one too many times, and had taken too long getting there. Instead she crashed onto a empty space of the ring where Sharon had been just seconds before. The hard mat sent shockwaves up her tailbone. Rose had gambled everything on a single, probably unnecessary move and lost. Holding her lower back, her mouth agape in a scream, she didn’t notice Sharon rebounding off the ropes towards her until the brunette’s knee was in her face. I winced at the sight of my front row of spectators being showered in blood and spit. Rose fell to her back lifelessly. Was she unconscious, or worse? Sharon didn’t take the time to check. She spun and sat down on Rose’s head in a reverse face smother. Violently she ground her crotch on the read head’s face. This was more about revenge than it was about pleasure. Her thin fingers buried deep into Rose’s tits, pulling her nipples to the point I feared she might actually remove them from the prone woman’s body. Was that even possible? Hell if I knew. It was apparent that Rose was out, she reacted to neither the facial grinding nor the horrendous torture her tits were undergoing. As Sharon reached her climax, her upper body fell backwards in a ground shaking orgasm. The only thing that kept her from falling off her larger rival was her death grip on the red head’s tits. It occurred to me that the fight was over, and had been for several minutes. I was too transfixed on the spectacle to stop it. I promptly called for the bell. Sharon ignored it, still clawing at the larger woman’s impressive rack. Ted was screaming in his corner to do something. I moved in behind Sharon and wrapped her up with my arms to pull her off. My hands no-so-accidentally came over her breasts as I lifted her off  the vanquished giant. They felt great in my hands, and again I cursed Jeremy for his luck. As I lifted her off, her bare ass rubbed my swollen cock. She came to her senses and turned to regard me with a sly smile. Our eyes met and time slowed. I became aware of her scent, her sensuality. Her presence and confidence were larger than life. She was ten feet tall. Without realizing it, I felt our faces drifting closer together. Then Jeremy covered her with her robe and we both snapped back to reality. I sighed, this wasn’t the first time I’ve found myself in a situation like this. The young couple began celebrating wildly. Behind me, Ted and my fight doctor attended Rose. The doc gave me a thumbs up, signaling she’d be alright, though she certainly looked a wreck. Both women did. Sweaty, bruised, battered, money making wrecks. I was impressed with both women’s performances. Rose’s ability to dish out punishment, and Sharon’s ability to take it and defeat a much larger rival. Would I be able to get these two in the ring again? I’d have to, they had set the bar very high and my audience would demand that same quality again. That’s all to be worked out later. I had a after party to attend and many other loose ends to tie. Man what a fight.  


The phone on my desk rang, Sharon was here to collect her winnings. I had my secretary send her up and eyed the check sitting on my desk. It kills me to hand over this much money. Granted much of it came courtesy of a eccentric Texan, it was still a sizable amount of funds. The bonuses alone were more than some women were paid for their entire fight. Fight of the night, Best Finish, Best Knock Out, and the fan voted Sexiest Combatant (which pissed Tiffany off to no end, she referred to both ladies as ‘plain‘) along with her already promised win bonus combined to nice sum. Tex’s promised bonuses for stripping the top off Rose, fighting in the nude, winning with a face sit, and his matching winners fight purse put her into the 6 figure range. What teacher makes that kind of money?

Rose had stopped by earlier in the day. She was dressed more conservatively and seemed almost mousy by her earlier appearance. Her large tits hidden behind a baggy rain jacket. I tried not to stare at the 4 stitches above her forehead. Ted did most of the talking as they accepted their check for participating in the fight. I floated the idea of her getting in the ring again but was shot down without question. Rose’s gaze fell on Sharon’s check, which I strategically placed on the center of my desk. Her jaw clenched and I knew I’d be hearing back from her again eventually. All that money had been so close to hers on several occasions. If only she were woman enough to have taken it.

A moment later a light knock on my door tore my mind from money matters. Sharon entered wearing a red shiny button up blouse and a black skirt with black stockings. Her hair was again pulled up in a bun, she looked every bit the typical child’s sexy teacher fantasy. I wondered for a second if that wasn’t intentional. The contrast between her now and on fight night was shocking. Violent warrioress then, hot educator now.
“How are you, Sharon? You look lovely today.” I said, pretending to be more professional than I was.
“Thank you Tyler, still a little sore but no worse for wear.”
“Good, good. Nice to see your visit to my ring hasn’t changed you.” I said with a grin.
“Oh, but it has. I… really enjoyed it. Well, not getting tossed around the ring by my hair or having my body used as a punching bag. But the competition, its…”
“Addictive.” I finished for her.
“Yes, that’s the word I want. Its addictive. I was never much a ‘wild child’, even in college I pretty much kept to my studies. Being able to cut loose and just lose any inhibitions was a new experience for me.” Sharon blushed and I wonder exactly what part of the fight she was thinking about specifically.
“It looked like Rose was gonna get you a few times.” I commented, wanting to see her reaction.
“Maybe, but that overweight slob has no conditioning at all. I thought the round was going to end while I waited for her to climb to the top rope. When she finally did jump it was like she even fell slow and lethargically.” Sharon chuckled a moment before continuing. “All she had was a massive weight advantage, no skill at all. I knew I was tougher than her. I have to admit it was really satisfying putting that big bitch in her place.” Her smile was beaming with pride. I didn’t point out her underestimation of the big busty redhead or the several rounds of hell she put her through. Instead I moved the conversation forward.
“Yes, and the money doesn’t hurt I’m sure.” I picked the check up, not wanting to look at the dollar amount written on it. If I did I may not be able to let it go. “My employers were very pleased with the event. They have gotten some very positive reviews from the fans. You might not believe it, but did you know there were at least 2 senators there?”
“Oh really?” she seemed genuinely surprised, “I wouldn’t think those sorts of people would enjoy that type of-” She stopped herself, worried she might have offended me. I laughed.
“Politicians enjoying a little bloodsport? Not exactly unheard of.  Regardless, you earned a lot of money. Any plans for it?” I asked, check in hand.
“Well, I have my plans… and Jeremy has his own. Unfortunately his involve motorcycles and partying while mine involve paying down our mortgage, catching up on bills, then maybe having a little fun.”
“Ah, I see, well that’s unfortunate.” I had to laugh to myself. I’ve seen this a dozen times before. She earns the money, he sends it. Still, not my place to get involved. I’m paid to be a fight promoter, not a marriage counselor. I handed the check out. She smiled, reached for it, and found a bit of resistance as I had a hard time letting it to. We said our farewells and she moved to leave.
“If you ever care to step in the ring again, stop by sometime.” I joked. She paused in my doorway.
“Yes, I’ll stay in touch” She replied before leaving. Hmm, not what I expected. I just handed her the equivalent to a few years worth of teacher’s salary. Maybe a part of her really did enjoy it? Or maybe it was Jeremy? Ah who knows. Maybe I’ll float the idea past the bosses. She made them a lot of money her first fight, and I could charge a heap more just on her new reputation alone. Just something to think on.

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I've considered making this part of a larger series, but have put it on the backburner for several years now. If there is a interest, maybe I'll expand this later.

Rain was on the menu over the historic district of downtown Chicago. “Historic district” basically being a nice way of saying the most run down portion of a already rough American city. Still, this is my city, and looks can be deceiving. Take this particularly harsh looking warehouse for example. You’d never know it actually hides a luxurious though highly illegal fight house. The mysterious owners, my bosses, are unseen, silent partners who had spent a large sum renovating the warehouse and paying the appropriate people to look the other way. Only the rich, influential, and eccentric are even aware of its presence, let alone allowed admittance. Large sums of money were paid to the victors, thus large amounts were charged for entry. The purses are dependant on several factors such as the type of fight, rules involved, and performances of the fighters. Generous bonuses would be paid for especially spirited fights. Imagination was the limit, my ring has seen it all in the three years I’ve run this bitch. A sturdy guard rail is all that protects the wealthy spectators from the blood sport. Only 10 rows of seats were spaced on each side of the ring, truly making this one of the hottest tickets in town. Generally candidates are chosen by the league’s shadowy ruling body through some selection process I remain clueless too. I do have some control in this, though I have to run it by the big guys for approval.

After they are contacted, the fighters are sent my way for a interview where I can size the ladies up and make a final decision on who gets in who gets the boot. Some are fight novices, some are seasoned veterans, and all go through me to ensure no duds make slip by.

The two ladies chosen to main event the upcoming card apparently do have some sort of history I was never made aware of. Sharon is sexy brunette high school teacher with long legs, a awe inspiring ass, and modest but perky breasts. Not the type most would picture fighting another woman in front of a slew of rabid spectators. However college loans as well as a pressing mortgage make for  good motivation. Her husband was initially contacted with a invitation which his wife quickly agreed to. Sharon had a competitive streak a mile long, and knew her husband would love to see her compete in the ring.

Rose is a heavy set redhead with a abundance of tits, ass and brash attitude. This BBW is a stay at home wife who isn’t fully satisfied with where her life has taken her. Not content to play Suzy-homemaker while her husband worked his 9-5, Rose wants another chance to regain the wild days of her youth, not to mention knock out pile of bills that have been piling up and get that fancy honeymoon she had to pass up the first time through.

I’m really the only official face of the league. Just call me Tyler for the sake of anonymity. Before I ever got picked up for this gig, I had made my bones as a pretty successful street hustler and illegitimate fight promoter. I built my rep by being a little more resourceful, imaginative, and I admit cut throat than the next guy. While in the end I answer to the powers that be, for the most part I run things. I deal with the spectators, the combatants, shady authorities, and more or less the day to day operations of my little club. As I look over the packed house I can feel my pulse begin to race. I’m putting a lot of stock in the main event. If it doesn’t deliver I could be put out on my ass just like that. All it takes is one flop of a card. Still, after the meeting I had with the ladies just this past Monday, I remembered that trusting my gut has never let me down…

Sitting behind my beautifully disorganized desk in my cozy little office, I pressed a button to call the women up to discus the rules and gauge the fighters. My air headed secretary Candace (god bless her) sent them up. I could hear their arguing voices in the hallway and wished she had remembered to send them up separately. Candace had been my assistant since the beginning, but was always a little short on common sense. The fighter’s husbands nervously got between the two lionesses, trying to keep them from brawling in my hallway. When they finally entered the office, they settled, trying to show some form of professionalism. I was impressed, both ladies were lookers in their own way, dressed nicely in skirts and blouses. Sharon’s long chestnut hair was pulled up and secured, her wire framed glasses sitting on her pretty face. Her skirt was a little high, showing off her fantastic legs. Even if I wasn’t already familiar with her background, my first impression was “sexy teacher”. Rose wore her long red hair down in wild waves and curls. She was similarly dressed, though she didn’t wear a jacket with her blouse, her large tits proudly on display. She had a nice set of wide hips that stretched her skirt almost as much as her tits stretched her blouse. She sat and crossed her arms under them, cradling her massive breasts.  

"Flaunt those udders in the ring and I’ll rip them off." Sharon warned, her anger not yet exhausted. Rose just smirked, which served to piss her off.  Sharon started to get to her feet but stopped when I interjected, "Sharon save it for the ring, if you two fight now, it will affect your payday come match time." Sharon sat down but glared at Rose who continued to smirk. "Alright, fight attire, what are you ladies willing to wear, or not wear as the case may be?“  I asked.
"I’m going to wear a swimsuit", replied Rose. Quickly Sharon said; "Tyler, I’m going to wear my sexiest bikini if that is all right?" Rose turned to glare at Sharon and remarked, "I guess you have to show off that underdeveloped  body of yours some how, right darling?" Quick as a cat, Sharon jumped to her feet and swung her hand slapping Rose on the side of the face. Rose’s head jerked side ways as she let out a groan. Rose exploded up and pushed outwards with both her hands shoving Sharon backwards. She stumbled and fell down into her chair. She started to pull herself up and I knew I’d have a brawl on my hands any second.
I moved around the desk quickly and got between the now standing women, just in time to separate them.. "Ok, ok, ok, lets stop this right now. Since this is obviously getting personal, how about a no holds barred catfight? I will set this up for the main event this Friday night. It will be, say, 15 rounds, 5 minute each with a 2 minute rest period between rounds. Is that agreeable?" Not bad, I pulled that completely out of my ass.
Sharon spat out, "Just give me the bitch in the ring with what ever rules you want." "That’s fine by me because she is going to be carried out on a stretcher." yelled Rose.
The wheels were still spinning in my head. "Also you can have your husbands in your corner, they can help you for a thirty second count against your opponent. They can only secure your opponent for you, but nothing more. If they involve themselves in any other way you will forfeit the fight, and the purse." I added. “Oh, yeah the purse. Keep in mind the league is known for giving generous bonuses for especially good fights, but even without that I think you both will find the winner’s take to be sufficient.” I fished a check from my desk drawer and showed both ladies. Their eye’s visibly widened at the figure. I smirked. I hate parting with so much cash, but I had a good feeling this would be a wise, long term investment. This much money on the line would spur both of them to fight harder, thus satisfying my always demanding fan base. Having everything settled, I showed them out (separately this time) and made the final preparations for the card.

Fight Night, I watched the last of my under card matches come to a bloody ending. A young teenaged hottie choked her older rival with her bikini top into unconsciousness to the delight of the packed house crowd. I wonder if I shouldn’t have booked that one as the main event. I also made a mental note to get to know the teen better before the night was over. Tiffany her name is,  a real queen bitch type. She had put on a impressive showing, steamrolling her opponent and going so far as to refuse to relinquish her stranglehold on the older woman. That would be a tough act to follow. The main event of the evening was soon to start and the crowd was already ravenous for more.

 Rose was in her dressing room putting on her pink floral pattern swimsuit. As she pulled the swimsuit over her thick sexy thighs, her husband Ted noticed that she had shaved her groin. It was hairless. Rose saw his look and chuckled, "I’m not going to let that bitch pull me down there if she gets her hand into my suit." Ted only nodded. She then teased him by clutching her tits and rubbing and fondling them as she watched his expression. "Well did you want to touch them before they go into battle?" asked Rose. He rose to his feet and started to kiss and tongue those sexy nipples as Rose softly moaned. It started getting hot and heavy in the room as he rubbed her swimsuit covered groin getting a rock hard bulge in his pants. He began tracing her pussy through the thin material. "No...NO, stop I cant now, we will just have to wait until after the fight." panted Rose. Regretfully, Ted stopped tonguing his wife’s rock hard nipples as she pulled away and pulled to top of her swimsuit up and over her heavy breasts. "Oh I like that," cooed Rose as she saw her nipples poking through her swimsuit. "This way the crowd can see my big tits and see who has the better pair." she chuckled again. Obviously proud of her chest, Rose adjusted her swimsuit one last time in front of the mirror. She then slipped on her black high heels and was now ready to make her way to the ring.

Sharon was in the opposite dressing room. Jeremy watched as she stripped naked and then pulled on her dark blue bikini, noticing how it sparkled in the light. "I don't know, Sharon" Jeremy said, "she's pretty big. Are you sure about this?" Sharon replied, "Rose is just an overweight, out-of-shape pig! I'll have her begging for mercy in no time at all." She put on her top, then backed into her hubby, rubbing that perfect ass against his crotch. Jeremy kissed her neck as she guided his hands around to her toned tummy, then down to her crotch. Looking over her shoulder, he could admire the way her bikini top pushed up her breasts, giving her some sexy cleavage. No doubt Sharon was in better condition than her foe, but would that be enough? She turned and kissed him passionately, then headed off to the ring, with Jeremy following.

The ring’s loudspeaker hushed the still anxious crowd, calling the wealthy audience to their seats. "Ladies and Gentlemen please let me have your attention." It was yours truly holding the microphone in the center of the ring. “Wow what a match Tiffany and Joanne put on. Am I right?” I asked, hamming up to the crowd who responded appreciatively. “Well I can promise you a equally exciting main event. These two ladies really cant stand each other, so I decided special rules should be in effect. Tonight’s fight is a 15 round no holds barred any where in the arena fight." The crowd exploded in cheering and shouting. I smile, knowing my employers would be pleased. I held up a hand to quiet down the crowd. "If these ladies take the fight near you, please for you own protection just give them some room and enjoy the show. Lets introduce these beauties and get this fight underway! ‘
"Now coming to the ring, weighing a voluptuous 180 lbs, standing 5'6", accompanied by her husband, Ted, please welcome Rosssse!” I shouted, gesturing towards the curtain to my left. Ted gave Rose a big kiss and followed behind, giving her about a 10 foot lead. This was her time to shine and she wanted to big time. Rose pranced down the aisle slapping hands and blowing kisses. She  walked around the ring and would swing her ass sexily as she made her way around. There was loud clapping and cheering, even some catcalls that echoed in the area. She climbed the chrome stairs and got into the ring through the ropes. She cupped her massive tits which brought even more cheering and catcalls. Rose was eating it up. Rose pranced to her corner to wait for Sharon.
I  continued, "And now, coming to the ring, standing 5'8" tall and weighing a sleek 125 lbs, please give it up for Sharonnnn!" The crowd cheered and whistled as Sharon made her way to the ring, jiggling her tits and swinging her sexy hips side-to-side as she sauntered to the ring, blowing kisses at the fans and waving. Jeremy also gave her some headway, allowing her to take center stage. Stopping in front of the stairs, she gave her hair a sexy toss before ascending them into the ring. Absorbing the cheers, she waved again before backing into her corner directly across from Rose.

Rose waiting in her corner stared at Sharon across the ring. Ted was rubbing down her shoulders and neck as she glared at her foe. Rose made the jester of holding her nose as if there was a foul odor. Several spectators  laughed and cheered. Rose then yelled across to Sharon, "Don’t you wish you had these bitch," as she cupped and mashed her big tits together inside the swimsuit. Ted watched  Sharon only smile, her eyes narrowing, and wondered just how far Rose had pushed this sexy woman. He was really afraid that Sharon was going to make mince meat of his wife’s tits.
Sharon leaned back in her corner, smiling and shaking her head at Rose. She shook her ass at Rose, then turned and stuck her tongue out at her. Smiling and pointing at Rose, Sharon called out "MOOOOOO!" The crowd roared with laughter. Rose turned red with anger.

I made a executive decision then and there that I’d referee this one. Being the workhorse of the league gave me these rare opportunities to flex a little authority and enjoy myself. No way was I going to settle into a ringside seat for this. I motioned for Joel, the league’s usual ref, to sit this one out. “Take the rest of the night off, big poppa is gonna call this one.” I smiled. Joel was clearly pissed. Oh well, he’ll get over it on payday. I gestured for the time keeper to ring the bell.

The bell dinged, and the fight was on. Rose, still livid about the cow reference, went right at Sharon. The thin beauty did not back away; instead, she aimed a right cross at Rose, but the bigger woman blocked it with her left forearm and then sent a smashing underhand right into Sharon's taught tummy. With a loud Ooooffff!, Sharon doubled over in pain. Rose grabbed Sharon's hair and, holding onto it, slammed her knee up into Sharon's tits. Jeremy’s wife screamed in pain, but Rose continued. Straightening Sharon up by her hair, she slammed her fist again into her belly. In control, she scooped Sharon up in her arms and slammed her down onto the canvas on her back. As Sharon laid there moaning and gasping for air, Rose paraded around the ring amid cheers and boos, jiggling her tits and yelling "She's nothing!...she's nothing!" I quickly wondered if I hadn’t poorly chosen this fight. I try to avoid mismatches.
Finally Rose stopped parading around and moved towards her foe. Rose  stood with her legs spread and bent down so she could yell at Sharon. "Call me a cow, at least I have tits and not fried eggs." screamed Rose. This brought a few chuckles and whistles. She reached down and grabbed Sharon's long chestnut hair  with her left hand and hauled her up. Sharon's hands went to her hair and her pretty face screwed up in pain. She was pulled up to her knees as Rose grabbed a second handful of hair.  Rose was really going to work, pulling the brunette’s locks in different directions. Sharon, screaming and wiggling, was pulled to her feet by her hair. "That’s the way Red, pull her hair out!" yelled a richly dressed man with a cowboy hat in the front row. I knew him as one of our recent, and more generous patrons. Though he tried to remain anonymous, I recognized him as a very well off oil tycoon who dressed and lived the stereotype of rich eccentric Texan. "I always knew brunettes were wimps, get her Red." blurted out a rather ritzy dressed blond that was in the front row that I was not familiar with.
As soon as Sharon made it to her feet, Rose released her left hand from Sharon's hair but not her right hand. Rose roughly pulled her by her hair over to the turnbuckle corner where Ted was waiting. She pulled her trapped foe backwards by the hair then slammed her face first into the turnbuckle corner. Sharon let out a "Ugggghhh" as her face hit the thin padding. Rose pulled her back and then turned her around and pushed her backwards into the corner. "Grab her arms and hold them over the top rope baby," cooed Rose. Ted gladly obeyed and realized he had only thirty seconds for the hold. Rose apparently did not though as she pushed Sharon's head back then clutched her own tits with both hands. She started to showboat, getting loud cheers from the crowd. Finally, still clutching her tits, she rammed the cloth-covered orbs into Sharon's face. There was clapping, cheering and catcalls from all over the arena. I had a fantastic view as I watched the bbw redhead’s  tits smother Sharon's face. The taller brunette kicked her legs helplessly. Ted’s hold on her arms was firm, she’d not escape that way. It was a standing face breast smother, a rarely seen fan favorite.
A horn went off and Ted released  Sharon's arms causing  Rose to lose her tit smother. Sharon, with a scream of rage, pushed Rose backwards with both hands. Rose back peddled a few feet and caught her balance. Sharon took a step forwards and then slammed her knee into Rose's wide open groin. Rose squealed and bent down grasping her throbbing groin.
"Damn that was a pretty site," yelled the cowboy again. Sharon turned to him and yelled, "Watch this," as she took both of her hands and sunk them into Rose's unprotected tits. Her fingers sunk deeply into the swimsuit covered orbs. Rose screamed at the top of her lungs with pain. Ted could not believe the noise the crowd was making, cheering, whistling, and catcalls, all wanting Sharon to destroy his wife's tits
"Honey if you pop those tits out I'll give you $5,000.00 dollars, " yelled out the cowboy again.
Rose was still bent over as Sharon violently milked her tits through her suit. After hearing the cowboy's offer, Sharon released Rose's tits long enough to pull her swimsuit straps off her shoulders over her arms, trapping them at her side. "No, no...don't", Rose pleaded through her clenched teeth. Smiling wickedly, Sharon then pulled down the front of Rose's suit and the big jugs flopped out for everyone to see. "Oh you bitch! I'll--", Rose screamed, but her words were cut off as Sharon grabbed her by the hair and drove her right knee up into Rose's tits. The crowd roared and cheered as Rose dropped to her knees from the pain.. Sharon quickly circled behind her, placed her foot on Rose's big ass and pushed her down to the canvas. Quickly, she grabbed Rose's ankles, turned around and plopped down on the bigger woman's shoulders, pulling her legs up into a Boston Crab.
"You'll what, Cow? Scream more?" Sharon slid back until her round ass was on the back of Rose's head, pulling her legs by the ankle, stretching her spine. "Oowwwwww! Stoppp!" Rose wailed. Sharon, her heels planted against the canvas on either side of Rose's hips, began to bob her shapely ass up and down on Rose's head, mashing the woman's face into the canvas. I thought she’d break the larger woman in half right there. The crowd cheered and roared more. Sharon leaned back a little more, pulling harder on Rose's legs. Desperate,  Rose saw her opportunity and, reaching up, grabbed Sharon by her long hair and slammed her down hard onto the mat, stunning the sexy teacher. Her back aching, Rose got up onto her knees, but Sharon clamped her strong thighs around Rose's head in a head scissors!
Sharon’s leg muscles were taut as she squeezed Rose‘s head. Sharon rolled over sideways bringing Rose down on her back. Rose’s bare tits bounced as she landed on the mat. Rose tugged and pulled at Sharon’s thighs but could not pry the brunette’s legs apart. The crowd was cheering as Rose moved up and down and sideways trying to free herself. I was even enthralled as I watched the shapely brunette squeeze the redhead tight between her thighs. Rose’s tits bouncing and rolling around, her nipples hard and pointed, the entire scene had me very hard. Sharon had pulled Rose’s swimsuit down to her stomach so her tits were on view for everyone in the arena. "Give it up Shamu," yelled Sharon as she squeezed harder hoping to end the fight. "Fuck you bitch," screamed Rose back as she started to slap Sharon’s thighs. SMACK,..... SMACK,..... SMACK echoed across the arena as Rose hit Sharon. Sharon’s thighs started to get a touch of red of where Rose was hitting. "Stop it bitch, or I’ll squeeze your head off," threatened Sharon. Rose did not stop, in fact she picked up the pace as her slaps came quicker, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. Sharon grimaced in pain, she needed to stop the busty redhead. Sharon spotted a bare nipple, she lashed out and clutched it with her right hand.
Sharon squeezed the nipple forcing Rose to scream in agony. "I told you to give it up you fat slob, so how about now?" Rose cried out "Noooooooooo" has she pushed down on the mat with her feet and bridged upwards. Only her feet and head were touching the mat as she bowed upwards turning Sharon onto her side. "Squeeze that udder hard", called out the cowboy as he could now see what Sharon was doing. The crowd was going nuts as Ted’s wife’s breast rolled up towards her face with Sharon working over the other’s nipple. "Twist her nipple, she will give up," yelled a well dressed brunette near the ring. Sharon didn’t need any prompting as she worked Rose’s nipple. Rose’s scream almost brought the ceiling down. "Give up now before I twist this sorry nipple off your fat tit, bitch," bellowed Sharon. DING, DING, DING, the bell sounded ending the round.  Sharon was not letting go of Rose’s nipple as the crowd watched her fingers turning to the left and right. Hating to break up a good thing, I hurried over to interject.

"Sharon turn lose of Rose now, the round is over." I told her in my most commanding voice. Still Sharon twisted the nipple. Rose was now whimpering and trying to pull Sharon’s fingers away from her throbbing tit. "I will give you a count of three to stop it, or I’m calling this match. 1........2.......,” finally Sharon with a scream of rage lets go of Rose’s red and swollen nipple, then begrudgingly the leg-head lock. Rose rolled over to her side clutching her throbbing tit. As Sharon got to her feet she turned around and spit on Rose’s upper torso before she raised her hands to the cheering of the crowd. Granted Sharon did not win the fight, she won this round. And against a much bigger opponent.  She went to her corner for a well deserved hug from Jeremy and rest for the next round. Ted in the mean time helped Rose up and walked her to her corner. I could see the damage that Sharon had done to his wife’s nipple. Jeremy and Sharon talked over strategy as Ted helped Rose pull her swimsuit up to cover her tits. I could not help and notice that her hurting nipple protruded threw her swimsuit.
"Baby, go after her. Go for her tits, her face, anything. If she gets that nipple again it might be all over." Ted pleaded. "I’ll get the fucking bitch, if she wants to twist nipples I’ll twist nipples, only she won’t have any left," growled Rose. "Good go get her," Ted said. I leaned back up and noticed the cowboy was talking to Sharon and Tom. Sharon nodded and smiled at Rose then said something back to the cowboy and he started walking back to his seat smiling. A fat envelope was laid next to Jeremy, Sharon’s winnings I suspected.
Sharon had recovered well at the end of the round, holding her own against the larger redhead. I couldn't help but admire Rose's ample breasts as she pulled her swimsuit up over her tortured nipple. Sharon plopped onto the stool Jeremy set out for her, her back to him as she glared at Rose across the ring, breathing hard. The front of her thighs were still red from Rose's slaps. Jeremy rubbed her shoulders and started giving her advice. "Sharon, don't try to go toe-to-toe with her. Pound for pound, you're tougher, but she has a lot more pounds than you. She'll wear you down." Sharon spat back "That fat bitch is mine. I know her weakness." He shrugged and said, "just the same, keep attacking from the perimeter, and don't let up on her tits." Sharon nodded, and then the cowboy walked up to me. He smiled and informed me he offered Sharon $10,000 if she finished Rose with a nude face sit. Apparently the sexy teacher had agreed eagerly. I nodded with a bit of a sly smile myself. This was getting interesting.

Ding! The bell sounded. Sharon remembered Rose's successful charge at the open of the first round and, ignoring Jeremy’s advice, charged Rose to return the favor. Rose waited near her corner. As Sharon drew back her hand in a fist, Rose thrust her right foot out and kicked Sharon hard in her belly. A loud Ooof was heard as her foot made contact. Sharon groaned and dropped to her knees. Rose grabbed Sharon by her long chestnut hair, held her in place and delivered one! two! three! hard kicks to Sharon's lower belly. The crowd roared in approval. Still holding Sharon by her hair, she  slammed her knee up into Sharon's chin, sending the brunette onto her back on the canvas. Again, Rose paraded around Sharon a few seconds before she jumped up and crashed her big butt down onto Sharon's chest. Sharon let out an Oooooffff!, then a moan. Rose smiled down at her. "Not so tough now, are you, bitch?" She slapped Sharon's face left and right a few times, then stood up. Reaching down, she pulled Sharon by her hair to her knees. She let go, slipped behind Sharon,  and knocked her face down to the canvas with her hip. The crowd laughed and cheered. Some started to chant Rose's name. Sharon, trying to survive the round, tried to crawl to her corner.
Rose turned, smiling wickedly, and grabbed Sharon by her hair and hauled her, squealing, to her feet. "Are you trying to find the ropes? Here, let me help!" Grabbing Sharon's arm, she spun her around and sent her reeling into the ropes. As Sharon rebounded back toward Rose, the big redhead clothes lined her across the chest, sending Sharon to the canvas with a THUD! Rose reached down, grabbing Sharon's dark blue bikini top. She lifted Sharon off the mat by the flimsy material and shook her like a rag doll until the top snapped and came away in Rose's hand. Sharon landed back on the canvas, her modest but firm breasts aiming towards the ceiling lights. Rose stood up, twirled the top on her finger, then tossed it to the crowd amidst cheers and whistles. "Oh look", she teased, "little girl tits!" The crowd laughed. Sharon took the opportunity to scoot backward on her ass to her corner.
Rose quickly grabbed one of Sharon’s legs and pulled her back into the middle of the ring. "No, your not going to go crawling to your hubby, Bitch, its pay back time." bellowed Rose. As Rose held Sharon’s right leg she started kicking her foe’s taut thigh. SMACK...SMACK...SMACK...Sharon squealed with each hit that landed on her thigh. Sharon twisted and turned trying to get loose but she could not. I noticed Sharon’s nipples were extremely excited as did everyone else. I wondered how long it’d be before Rose attacked them. Rose dragged Sharon over to the ropes by her right leg and put it across the bottom rope. Rose raised her foot and stomped Sharon’s knee. Sharon screamed and jerked sideways freeing her leg from the rope. She clutched her throbbing knee and moaned. Rose walked towards her head and brought her bare foot up and stomped it down Sharon’s face. I cringed as the crowd loved it. There was cheering, yelling and shouts for her to do it again. Rose looked at the crowd then again slammed her bare foot into Sharon’s face. Sharon was stunned and just laid there with her arms spread out to her sides. Rose put her hands up in a flex pose then looked down and spit onto her rival’s face before rubbing it in with her foot. Sharon tried to roll away but Rose pulled her back by her hair and turned her on her back. She  stepped on both sides of Sharon’s face trapping her hair between her feet and the mat. Rose then bent down and grabbed both of Sharon’s arms and pulled her up, causing her hair to be pulled violently. Sharon screamed as she felt her scalp resist. Rose grunted with the strain as she pulled her foe’s arms, "Scalp her Red, and give me the hair," screamed a well dressed graying man holding a glass of wine. Rose, feeling victory at hand, dropped Sharon’s arms. Sharon fell to the mat on her back, exhausted and not moving. Her bare breasts rising and falling as she breathed raggedly. I have to admit I was getting rather aroused at watching the sexy bbw cruelly treat her thin hot counterpart, though I was rather shocked at the violence displayed by an otherwise mild mannered housewife. Looks really can be deceiving I suppose.
"Well bitch, you want to give up or do I need to do that again?" cooed Rose. "Nnnnnnoooooo" muttered Sharon who was just starting to massage the pain in her scalp. Rose’s eyes narrowed, she was pissed that her smaller victim wouldn’t yield. She turned and faced the crowd.
"You liked it when she pulled my nipple, lets see if you like it when I return the favor!” screamed Rose. She bent down and grabbed Sharon’s protruding nipples and yanked up. Sharon let a blood curdling scream has her upper body was being lifted up off the mat by her nipples. The crowd was hushed as they took in this new form of savagery. Rose would lift her up then let Sharon fall backwards on her back on the mat, then rinse and repeat. Rose was reveling in her screams, so much so she let her guard down. Sharon had only on chance and she took it . She swung her uninjured left leg and connected with Rose’s chest. Rose only grunted and pulled up on the swelling nipples. Sharon screamed until Rose let her back down onto the mat. Sharon again kicked this time striking gold on Rose’s face. The heel connected squarely as it stunned the busty redhead. Quickly Sharon again kicked and landed a bulls eye right on Rose’s nose. Rose fell over backwards as if she was hit with a brick. Both woman were hurt, it was now a contest of fortitude. Sharon clutching her swollen nipples and Rose clutching her face. Who was going to move first. "Come Red get her, " yelled someone. "Get the big cow now, go," yelled another spectator.
Sharon knew she had to do something to hurt Rose or the fight would end too soon, and not in her favor. She got up to her knees, looking at Rose while she sobbed slightly from the pain in her tortured nipples. With what little energy she had left, she sprang at the buxom redhead. Rose was hurt, but she instinctively drew her knees up, and Sharon landed with a dull thud on her knees. Rose tossed her off to the side like she was yesterday's laundry. "Nice try, you skinny slut!" Rose said, as she slowly rose to her feet. Sharon was curled in a ball on the canvas, holding her aching gut. Rose bent down, forcing the brunette to her feet by her hair and then placed her right arm between Sharon's legs. Lifting Sharon up in the air, she then slammed her to the canvas! Sharon moaned and sobbed. I looked at the timer, and there was still well over one minute left in the round. I didn't think Sharon was going to make it.
Rose grabbed Sharon's hair again and hauled her to her knees. She pulled back on Sharon's hair and placed her head, face up, between her thick thighs. Sharon was looking right up into Rose's crotch as Rose tightened her thighs on her head in a standing head scissors. Sharon wailed and slapped at Rose's thighs, but Rose’s balance was unshakable, she stood there and laughed. The pungent smell of Rose’s aroused sex filled Sharon’s nostrils. Rose reached down and pulled and twisted Sharon's sore nipples as Sharon's screams were muffled in her crotch. Finally, she released her grip and lifted her limp rival to her feet. She backed her up to the ropes near Jeremy’s corner, smiled at him and twisted the middle rope up over Sharon's outstretched wrists over the top rope, trapping her there. "Bitch," she said, "this is gonna hurt you a lot more than me!"
They were not in Jeremy’s corner so he could not reach Sharon to help. He instead stood there helplessly screaming at Sharon to defend herself. Rose started walking punches up and down Sharon's body, punishing her belly and her swollen, tortured breasts. "Am I still a cow now, slut?!?" Rose looked up at the timer...30 seconds left. To the applause of the crowd, She slipped the top of her pink swimsuit down over her large, heavy breasts. "Here's something your puny wife could never do, Jeremy!" Rose started swinging her tits left and right, then moved in and began slapping Sharon's face with them, lightly knocking her head side to side. The crowd was going nuts, now clearly cheering Rose on. Rose continued her breast assault of Sharon's face until the bell rang. Then she stood up straight, raised her arms in a victory pose for the crowd, and then slammed one last fist into Sharon's belly. “Oooffff!” she  sagged in the ropes. Rose freed her wrists, grabbed her and tossed into Jeremy’s corner for him to catch.
"If you care for her, Jeremy, don't let her answer the bell for the next round. I'm feeling really strong...and merciless...tonight!" Jeremy helped Sharon onto her stool. He prepared to throw in the towel when Sharon stopped him. "Jeremy," she said, "I'm not hurt that bad. You didn’t marry a wimp and all that working out as toughened me up a bit. Let her think I'm finished. Trust me." He could see the pained expression on her face and seemed doubtful. He looked across at Rose and Ted. The busty redhead was excited and energetic, standing in her corner. Ted was giving her more instructions, and she was nodding and bouncing up and down on her toes. She didn't seem to care that her large breasts were still in full view for everyone's enjoyment: in fact, she seemed to feed off of it. The crowd was clearly pro-Rose now, chanting her name and cheering her on. Sharon was slouched on her stool, wincing with each minor motion and breathing hard. I didn't want her to continue, but as league commissioner, it wasn’t really my call. Hell I’m no doctor, and she knows herself better than I do. Still I couldn’t help but feel concerned for the brunette beauty who was taking a beating from her well endowed rival. From across the ring, Rose pointed to her then used her arms to push her breasts together, accentuating their size and firmness. She then shook her tits to the delight of the crowd. The bell rang, and Sharon slowly rose from her stool.

I couldn’t believe she was answering the bell. I don’t know many women who could have absorbed that kind of punishment and still decide to fight on. Sharon's legs seemed to buckle as she rose from the stool. She raised her arms in a boxing stance and approached the middle of the ring, this time more warily. Rose laughed at the sight, and calmly walked to meet her. "Ready for the inevitable conclusion, you puny tramp?" Rose stuck out her arm and placed it on Sharon's forehead. The crowd laughed as Sharon's attempts to punch Rose only managed to lightly graze her breasts, making them jiggle seductively. Rose said, "You're pathetic, Sharon", as she cocked her hand back to deliver a knockout blow. I couldn’t take my eyes off the sight, and tensed up as Sharon was about to meet her fate.
Suddenly the crowd roared! Sharon had delivered a devastating kick hard up into Rose's crotch! Rose screamed and dropped down to her knees, both hands holding her aching twat. Rose’s pussy was starting to become a regular target at this point. Not wasting any time, Sharon then kicked Rose in the chin, sending her sprawling onto her back. Sharon finished the combo by dropping a knee deep into Rose’s soft belly, driving the air out of her opponent.
The crowd was silent as the turn of events turned. Rose was in a fetal position as Sharon got back to her feet as quickly as she could, nearly falling down as stumbled making a move for Rose’s leg. Sharon bent down and grabbed Rose’s right ankle, turning the big woman over onto her back with some effort. Sharon tossed the leg to side, leaving Rose’s legs spread open. I knew what was coming before Sharon even lifted her foot. I had seen this at least a dozen times before, always with catastrophic results. Few males, myself included, can really understand what it feels like for a woman to be struck in the crotch. What I do know is the sensation is at least equally unpleasant for them as it is for me. The experienced crowd also knew and started cheering Sharon on. "Yea kick her again, do it!” screamed the graying man with the wine. Sharon needed no prodding as she lifted her foot high and slammed it into Rose’s wide open cunt. Rose could only bellow out "Aaaaaagggghhhhh" as she jerked her leg free and shot up on her ass, clutching her throbbing groin. Sharon reached down with her right hand and grabbed Rose’s red hair and pulled her head up. She took careful aim and slammed her knee into the orbital socket of Rose‘s right eye. Rose wailed and fell backwards clutching her eye. Rose was hurt bad and she knew she need to get away from Sharon. She saw that she was near the ropes so she started to roll towards them. Sharon, still hurt, was too slow to stop her and pure momentum carried the big woman. A short drop later and she was on the carpeted arena floor. "Go get her honey," yelled Jeremy, who’s excitement at the turn of events had him jumping up and down like a eager child.
Rose was seating on her knees still clutching her groin on the carpet, eyes closed in agony when Sharon made her way to the ropes. Rose had no idea that Sharon had left the ring, but was soon made aware as she sunk both her hands into her hair. Sharon pulled Rose to her feet by the red mane. "Yeah, get her girl, pound the chubby redhead," yelled a person seated behind the metal fence. Rose groaned from the hair pulling as she made her way to her feet. She tried to pry Sharon’s hands away from her hair but was at the mercy of her hated foe. Sharon knew she had to act to win this round, much less the fight. Pumping her shapely legs, Sharon began to pick up momentum as she dragged the weary red head the full length of the ring. Rose stumbled along, exposed breasts swaying every which way as she gained speed. At the last moment, Sharon aimed Rose’s head into the chrome ring post slamming her face into the metal. TWANG.....went Rose’s head. Rose moaned and fell deadweight in a heap. Sharon gained a sadistic smile, and the crowd loved it. "Pound her face, destroy her!" from the blonde lady seating near the graying man. Sharon decided that was exactly what she was going to do. She grabbed two handfuls of red hair and forced Rose up on trembling legs before slamming her face into the post a second time.  TWANG..... again went Rose’s head as this time she recoiled standing straight up and then fell backwards hard to the carpet on her back. Two large red knots formed on Rose’s forehead, almost as if a pair of horns lay beneath. This was Sharon’s round and she knew it, however she wanted to win the fight and she knew that time was winding down, she had to act quickly.
Sharon bent down and grabbed Rose’s hair with both her hands and pulled her up again. Rose only moaned as she was hurt, stunned, and confused. Sharon grunted and strained as she lifted "dead weight" up. I was impressed to see the lithe brunette haul her up, like a ant carrying a large sexy carcass back to its den. "Damn you weigh a fucking ton, fatso," Sharon said with a strain in her voice. Without realizing it, I began to stroke my cock. Sharon’s topless body, drenched in sweat, manhandling the nearly unconscious body of her much bigger rival was HOT. Her smaller breasts mashing against Rose’s body as she heaved the bigger woman onto the apron was beyond sexy. I imaged her swollen nipples in my mouth, and was fortunate that no one in the arena was actually paying any attention to me. As soon as Sharon forced Rose to her feet, Rose fell, upper body laying on the apron and her feet still touching the floor. Sharon began to lift one of Rose’s legs up onto the apron and push her into the ring but decided against it. Instead she rolled into the ring and reached down between the ropes, digging her thin fingers into the leg openings of Rose’s swimsuit, hoping to pull her in that way. It was a very erotic sight, seeing Rose’s swimsuit pulled up deeply into her butt and groin by Sharon. First one then the other fleshy butt cheek popped out of the swimsuit. "God look at that big fat ass. Anyone want cottage cheese?“ yelled Sharon, getting rousing laughter from the crowd. Rose’s big curvy ass was exposed as the swimsuit was buried deeply in her ass crack. Rose felt the material digging painfully into her privates and heard the chorus of laughter at her expense. She gingerly climbed into the ring, anything to alleviate the pain and embarrassment. Her head was still ringing as Sharon successfully dragged her in. Once she got Rose into the ring, she grabbed one of her arms and pulled her over on her back.
Sharon, newly energized by her success, decided to get even for the earlier face stomps. With Rose flat out on her back and wide open Sharon took delight in stomping her foe in the face. She jumped with each stomp, her breasts sexily bouncing each time. Fuck, why didn’t I have any teachers like this in school? SMACK...SMACK...SMACK... I noticed an alarming sight; Rose’s right eye was swollen and closing. Sharon had really worked over her eye, first with the knee and now with her heel. The crowd was going wild, back in the smaller woman’s favor, as the cowboy shouted out, "Stomp the tits...Stomp the tits...." Next thing you know a chant started up, "Stomp the tits, Stomp the tits" and gained in volume. Sharon looked around took the suggestion to heart. SPLAT...SPLAT...SPLAT... went Sharon’s foot as she stomped those magnificent tits. Rose moaned and grunted with the blows, the pain in her face still outpacing the pain in the chest. Sharon wanted to get even with the nipple twisting but time was running out. Quickly she stopped the stomping and moved towards  Rose‘s head. She stood over her fallen rival, who was still clutching her damaged eye, then bent down grabbing both of Rose’s nipples. Rose screamed like a dying animal as Sharon pulled the nipples stretching those tits upwards off of Rose’s chest. Fortunately for the anguished red head, the bell rang. Sharon stopped, but was pissed that the bell rang. She knew she could have won if she only had more time. In anger, she stomped again on Rose’s swollen eye, SMACK.... This time a small trail of blood flowed out as Rose screamed.
Sharon hobbled over to her corner as Rose was laying on the mat clutching her tits and eye alternatively. I noticed the trickle of blood in her eyebrow and considered having our fight doctor look at it. No, I had seen worse, but it was still something to keep in mind. Sharon stood in her corner and raised her arms to the cheers of her fans. The crowd was now completely behind the smaller woman. Jeremy hugged Sharon excitedly, her modestly sized bare tits pressing against his chest. Lucky bastard. Yes, I had seen bigger breasts in my life. Hell just last fight I watched Tiffany sport a impressive pair. However I’m more of a fan of ‘the right size on the right woman‘ mantra. Sharon just wore hers perfectly.
"You had her from the beginning honey, I’m proud. I should have never doubted you," Jeremy said before kissing his wife deeply. Back on the mat, Rose struggled to turn on her side and get on all fours and started crawling over to her area. I admired her big ass as she crawled away from me as well as her impressive rack that swung like a pendulum beneath her. Ted helped her to her seat and checked her eyebrow. Ted obviously is not a professional cut man, but he seemingly knows enough of the basics. He put a little Vaseline over it and worked it with a q-tip. Rose’s eye was swelling and not looking good.
Now the unexpected happened, the cowboy got up and went around to the steps, helping himself to my ring as if he owned the joint. I considered stopping him, just out of principal, but decided he had been making the night more interesting so far. Might as well see what he (and his money) had to say. I gestured for a member of the ring crew to pass up a microphone and handed it to him.  
"Ladies and Gentlemen, I don’t think you can say that we have seen a better fight than what we are witnessing right now with these sexy women. So I have a preposition for the girls," he bellowed. This got everyone’s attention in the arena. Sharon looked up to watch him and Rose turned to see what he was going to say. "I will personally match the winnings of whoever is victorious tonight IF they would consider continuing the match in the nude." The crowd almost raised the roof off with the cheering and catcalls. Hell, I was stunned. DOUBLE the winner’s purse? That’s a pretty considerable payday, especially since the big bosses were already on my ass offering so much to the winner of this fight. Not to say they hadn’t earned it thus far. Still it was Tex’s money, if he wants to buy one of these women a pair of Mercedes, let him.  
Sharon turned around and spoke to her husband. Jeremy smiled then shook his head in agreement. Slowly she reached down to her panties and slide them down her taut thighs, giving them to Jeremy. Sharon was going to fight in the nude! She was going to take the cowboy up on his offer. The crowd cheered her name, the catcalls and whistling echoed off the walls. I took in Sharon’s sexiness, unfortunately so did Ted. Staring at her small growth of trimmed pubic hair, his jaw slacked. Rose, still recovering, caught him, slapped his dick, and hissed, "So you think the skinny bitch is hot.....just wait till I get through with her puss." She was clearly furious, not just with him but with Sharon’s taunts and the direction the last round had gone. With  that she stood up wobbling, reached up and pulled her swimsuit over her hips and down her legs discarding it on the ground. Again the crowd cheered and catcalls and whistling echoed off the walls. Rose was also going to take the cowboy up on his offer. The crowd was going ballistic at the two warring nude women. Rose then spread her legs to show her hairless puss to Jeremy to get his reaction. I could just lose myself, face first, in that tasty twat. Jeremy’s expression said the same. Sharon saw this and flipped her the finger, then spread her legs in Ted’s direction causing Rose to flip her off in return. The cowboy  handed me back the microphone, while telling me to see him after the match, he’d have his checkbook ready.

Sharon had clearly dominated the 3rd round and now had momentum on her side. Across the ring, Rose did not look as finished as I had expected. She was overweight, true, but her voluptuous breasts, big round butt and thick thighs still sent the message that she was a lot of woman to deal with. The crowd knew this fight was not going to end with either woman giving in easily. Jeremy told Sharon to try to stay to Rose's right side, where the eye was swollen and her field of vision impaired. Sharon nodded and, seemingly re-energized, hurried toward her foe as the bell opened Round 4.

Rose unexpectedly likewise rushed at Sharon. The school teacher stopped suddenly, as though she was caught in the spotlight of a oncoming train.  Rose crashed in, but Sharon grabbed her arms, fell onto her back with her knees up and used Rose's momentum to flip her over her head onto her back. Rose landed with a thud that shook the ring. Sharon scrambled to her feet and dropped her nude ass hard on the big woman's soft belly, knocking the air from her with a loud Ooofffff! Grabbing Rose's hair, Sharon began slamming the back of her head against the canvas several times, stunning her. She then got up and dragged the groggy redhead to Jeremy‘s corner. With effort she propped her up against the turnbuckle and had him hold Rose's arms over the back of the top rope. To the cheer of the crowd, Sharon began using Rose's large breasts as punching bags, knocking them left, right, up and down. Over and over she pummeled the already damaged boobs, with Rose squealing and grunting in pain. “Not so proud of the fat sacks now, are we?“ She taunted as her small fists disappeared into Rose’s massive tits. Sharon visibly enjoyed the feeling of those big soft breasts against her fists. Was she getting aroused as she battered those tits mercilessly? Sharon backed up and slammed her shoulder into Rose's boobs. The crowd roared, still solidly on her side.
"Now to put an end to you!" she called out. She backed up to the middle of the ring and rushed Rose as Jeremy held her arms. Just as she neared, Rose extended her right leg and Sharon gasped. Rose's right foot sunk deeply into her tummy. Sharon dropped like a stone to the canvas, her mouth agape in a silent "O" as she tried to inhale. The horn sounded and Jeremy had to release Rose's arms. Rose stepped forward, raised Sharon's head by her bangs with her left hand and smashed her right fist into the side of Sharon's face causing her to collapse to the canvas. She hauled the dazed woman to her feet and brought her to the corner. Holding her hair, she smashed Sharon's forehead into the turnbuckle several times. Sharon pleaded, between blows, "Jere..emy...", "help...", "me...". He reached for Rose's arm but she backed away, taking Sharon with her, slowly shaking her head "No", as the crowd laughed and cheered at the turn of events.
She turned to Sharon, holding her by the hair with her left hand, and drove her fist hard into Sharon's belly.. One! Two! Three times! Sharon's knees buckled, but Rose held her up. Turning her around, Rose bear hugged Sharon from behind, shaking her like a rag doll. She then hoisted Sharon higher and dropped to one knee, slamming Sharon's sexy bare crotch down on the raised knee in an atomic drop! Sharon screamed in pain, the crowd roared again, and Rose pushed Sharon forward limply onto the canvas face down.
Sharon curled up into a fetal position clutching her pain raked cunt as Rose crossed her arms over her throbbing tits seating on her hunches. Both women were hurt and just trying to keep one step and of their hated foe. Sharon started to uncurl and roll over onto her belly. She crawled on her belly towards her corner, but Rose did not let her get far. Rose caught up with Sharon on her knees and straddled her. Quickly she slammed her butt down on Sharon’s back. “Ooooommmpphhhh," moaned Sharon a she felt Rose’s weight in the small of her back. "Get off me you fat pig, " Sharon screamed. This only made Rose chuckle and raise her butt and slam it back down onto Sharon’s back. "Ooooommmpphhh," moaned Sharon again. Rose moved off of Sharon’s lower back and scooted downwards to sit on Sharon’s butt. Rose took both of her hands and intertwined them in Sharon’s long hair. Sharon had a feeling she knew what was about to happen and started to wildly buck and move trying to unseat Rose.
Rose tilted her head back looking at the ceiling and shouted, "Giddy up tit less" as she leaned backwards and at the same time pulling back on Sharon’s trapped hair. Sharon’s back arched as she let out a horrible screech. The strain on Sharon’s face showed she was in pain. She placed both of her hands on the mat and pushed back hoping to ease the pain. It was working as Sharon bent backwards at that waist with her swollen perky tits aiming at the ropes. Rose was almost laying on her back on Sharon’s legs. Deciding this was getting her no where so she released Sharon’s hair. Sharon collapsed face first to the mat moaning.
Rose got to her knees and off of Sharon. Sharon started to stir but again Rose attacked. She pulled Sharon over onto her back then straddled her, seating on her stomach. "Ooommhhh", Sharon moaned as Rose let her weight sink into Sharon’s stomach. "Look at the little tits. I think I can help you with those!", Rose yelled. The red head took both hands and grabbed Sharon’s swollen nipples and twisted and pulled. Rose was pulling Sharon’s tits upwards as Sharon screamed in pain. I was ready to call for the bell, Sharon was pleading and screaming but she would not say she quit. The toughness of both women was astounding. Sharon fought through the pain and latched on to Rose’s tits and twisted. Now it was Rose’s turn to scream. My dick throbbed as I watched the warriors alternating screams as they tortured each other’s breasts.
Roses yielded first, she released Sharon's tits and instead grabbed her wrists. Prying them free of her breasts, Rose used her size and position advantage to pin them above her head to the mat. Rose spread her legs out wide to prevent her from being rolled off.  She lowered her large boobs down onto Sharon's face, effectively smothering her with them. The crowd cheered. "Finish her now, Red!" said a well-dressed man. I looked at the timer, still 1:20 left in the round. If Sharon could not get air, this fight would soon be over. Rose could feel her enemy’s arm strength weakening. As she lifted her tits off Sharon, I looked at the timer...40 seconds left. A long time to go without air.

With Sharon's arms still extended up over her head, Rose stood up, turned around and straddled Sharon's head. With a smile at her husband, she plopped her big butt down hard onto Sharon's face. Sharon jerked and went limp. Rose got up to her knees long enough to "aim" her crotch at Sharon’s face. Rose lowered her shaved pussy down onto Sharon's face. The crowd roared! Reaching forward, she started hammering her fists down onto Sharon's battered belly, bruised tits and into her naked crotch. She looked at the clock...12 seconds left. I thought Sharon was finished, but apparently Rose was not. She got up and hauled the semiconscious woman to her feet, getting her upright just as the bell rang to end the round. She half-dragged Sharon to Jeremy’s corner, where he was waiting to catch her. Turning Sharon around, She held her up just long enough to smash a hard right into her left tit, driving Sharon back into his arms. She slumped down to the stool he set out for her. "Let's see if she has anything left for round 5", the big redhead told me as she passed. Jeremy held smelling salts under Sharon's nose to bring her around.

Both women were hurt. Rose’s tits were vivid red with swollen nipples pointing outward. Fortunately for her, Sharon did not attack her swollen right eye. It was slowly closing, but she still had vision out of it.
"Great job on pussy smothering her, keep it up, also attack those swollen nipples of hers, I think she will quit soon." Ted said. Rose nodded as she sucked in air. Her cardiovascular conditioning was coming back to haunt her. I looked over at Sharon and Jeremy and noticed Sharon was also sucking in air and nodding at what Jeremy was telling her. I noticed that her nipples were really bad off as they were grossly swollen and turning a deep purplish red with nipples twice their normal size.
"Yeah, go for those damaged nipples of her, I think you can take her this round. That money is going to be ours, baby!" Ted told Rose. "Ok" huffed Rose. The bell rang.....Round 5 had started.

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This is a rewrite of one of my favorite authors, Catwacher, works. I initially really loved his story, but decided I wanted a slightly different ending. With his permission, I rewrote several portions, changing the ending entirely. Hope you like it.

I walked out of the building just as Conni's car pulled up. After easily sliding in to the passenger seat, I closed the door as my best friend maneuvered the vehicle back in to traffic.

I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, asking, "So what's the big surprise that's got you so excited?"

Conni wasn't the only one in the car who was excited. Whenever my hazel-eyed brunette got decked out in a leather miniskirt and knee-high boots, my blood pressure got elevated. Usually in a certain area. I squirmed a little in my seat trying to relieve the pressure from my pants restraining my now erect cock.

"Jane and I are finally going to have it out," Conni said. The edge in her voice was easy to hear. The office tramp had made some moves on Conni's boyfriend three weeks ago at a party, and the bad feelings between the two women had been building ever since.

"Now? Tonight?" I stammered, picturing my lovely friend trying to destroy her blonde rival.

Conni laughed in just the right way. Teasing me. She's gorgeous.

But I knew she meant business. The nipples on her pert 35-inch tits stood erect, a sure sign she was gearing up for a fight. Just gazing at her C cups for more than a second added to the discomfort in my crotch.

"And get this," she said as she turned the car towards the waterfront. "We're fighting in an abandoned gym." She looked at me and smiled.

My first thought was, "Gabriel, you fucking lucky bastard!" Her swarthy boyfriend was a stud, but, in my opinion, he was on the road too much. This fox needed love every day.

My second thought was, "Oh God. She's fighting with no restraints this time. She's so hot!"

I actually had to physically move my now throbbing dick to a somewhat more comfortable angle. Of course, Conni noticed.

"Mmmmmmm," she whispered, "You like this, huh?"

All I could do was mutter, "Yes. But you be careful, sweetheart!"

The foxy brunette smiled and replied, "LeeAnn asked to act as the referee. Good thing, too. That means someone will be able to call that blonde bitch an ambulance when I get through with her."

LeeAnn was one of my friend's co-workers. Redhead. Built about the same as Conni. Another damn fox. I feared the blood would drain from my brain to feed the animal between my legs.

After the car pulled to a stop beside an old dilapidated building, Conni shut it off. She looked over at me, those gorgeous eyes dancing in the light, and grabbed my hand.

"You can NOT interfere. No matter what happens. Understand?"

How could I refuse this beauty anything? I told her that I would do as she asked.

We exited the car and, with her taut nips in the lead, and my swollen groin following, walked inside.

I followed her in to the ruined building. After threading our way through debris, we came to a large room. There, lit in a soft white light, was a very old ring. The canvas was well worn, it had seen many battles in it's day. Today it would see one more.

Standing beside the ring were two women.

I knew the redhead to be LeeAnn, one of Conni's oldest friends. She was also sexy as hell, her build an almost carbon copy of my lovely friend's. Decked out in tight jeans and knee-high black boots, LeeAnn looked great. Completing her outfit with a tight sleeveless t-shirt, and it was easy to see that underneath it she was braless. Her round 36C tits obviously didn't need a bra.

My cock was trying to rip the front out of my pants to get free.

Jane stood next to the redhead, and the blonde was a looker. Actually, drop dead gorgeous was a better description. She stood a few inches taller than Conni, close to 5'10". The sexy blonde easily packed about fifteen more pounds on her frame than her brown haired rival. I couldn't help but notice that she obviously sported a couple more inches on her chest, too. Her arrogance was evident just by her posture. This was a woman who took what she wanted.

As per their arrangements, the blonde was dressed exactly as Conni: black knee-high boots, black leather miniskirt and white blouse.

Jane noticed us first. "Who's the guy, Conni?" she hissed, "Did you bring your own paramedic to revive you after I choke you out?"

"He's a friend," my lovely companion growled in return. "You know," she cooed, "those people you can't keep because you keep sucking their men's cocks?"

As we came up to the pair, Jane slid around behind me, her hand rubbing down my arm, then across my lower back. "He's got a nice, tight ass," the blonde whispered huskily as she squeezed one of my cheeks. She walked back around in front of me and looked me straight in the eye.

"After I mop up the ring with your girlfriend, you'll be a nice little victory fuck, baby," Jane said.

"She's not my girlfriend," I replied, trying to hide my erection.

No way blondie was going to miss it though. She grabbed it and gave my schlong a healthy squeeze. "Sure baby," she said with a smile, "remember that after I finish her off, after you've fucked me hard, and while I jack your hot load on to her face!"

The blonde never saw Conni's backhanded slap until it connected on her cheek. "Fucking slut!" she hissed as she advanced on Jane.

LeeAnn jumped between the two hellcats. "Enough!" she screamed.

Both women eyed each other with a raw hatred I'd never seen in person. The redhead ordered me to sit in a chair at ringside. As I complied, all three women got in to the ring.

LeeAnn still stood between the blonde and brunette, blocking them from getting their hands on each other.

"Gabriel told me you grabbed his cock at the party, bitch. I'm gonna break that hand!" Conni growled.

Jane's reply dripped with the contempt she felt for my lady friend. "When he comes back from France this weekend, I'll be riding that big, hard cock while you're in the hospital, cunt!"

LeeAnn told them both to remove their tops. As each woman unbuttoned her blouse and doffed their bras, the redhead outlined the rules.

"You're both reportedly excellent fighters, each having numerous victories to your credit. With that in mind, I've come up with an alternate form of combat that you're both going to enjoy."

By this time, both Conni and Jane stood topless in their short skirts and boots. Two pairs of nipples stood erect on two pairs of firm and proud tits. Both women eyed their rival, sizing her up and finding her wanting.

LeeAnn handed both females a pair of black leather driving gloves. Jane smiled as she donned hers, seeming to enjoy the tight feel of the leather on her hands. I knew that Conni was no stranger to these types of gloves, having personally given her a similar set with the fingers free. She loved to tell me how she used them in her catfights.

The redhead finished her instructions.

"You two want to fuck each other up so bad, then a fist fight is the best way to do it! Two minute rounds, followed by two minute breaks. I'll second both of you as best I can. The fight ends with a knockout."

Jane smiled wickedly as she flexed her leather-covered hands, and said, "Find a comfy place to fall, cunt. It won't take long for me to punch you to sleep!"

Conni smiled right back as she pulled her gloves tight and replied, "I hope you have a good plastic surgeon, bitch. Your face is gonna need a lot of reconstruction after these fists get done!"

As they separated, Jane muttered, "On second thought, I'm not gonna make this quick, honey. I'm gonna spend all night beating you to a pulp!"

Conni smiled as she backpedaled, hissing, "Talk now, slut. Tomorrow you'll be sipping your meals through a fucking straw!"

LeeAnn had one warning for me as well. "You will NOT interfere. NO MATTER WHAT! Understand?"

With my cock a steel lump in my pants, I agreed.

The two combatants stood in opposite corners and LeeAnn clinked the old bell at ringside.

The destruction began.

I watched Conni and Jane advance from their corners, both beauties intent on destroying the each other. I watched my brown-haired friend take the initiative, swinging a right fist aimed for the blonde's mouth.

Jane was good, though. She blocked the punch and returned fire with a punch of her own. Conni easily deflected the blow with her left arm.

Both warriors were patient, swinging punches and blocking them, waiting for their opponent to make a mistake as they circled each other.

Conni missed with an uppercut, and while she had her arm extended fully, her blonde rival slammed the toe of her boot up and under my friend's short skirt. Jane stood there, fists clenched by her side, and watched Conni fall to her knees. My sexy warrior woman hit the mat with both of her gloved hands locked in to her crotch.

LeeAnn screamed, "Hey!" and advanced towards the combatants.

Jane grabbed the brunette's bangs and tilted her head up. Conni's face displayed the agony she was experiencing between her legs. Her blonde enemy smiled as she slammed four measured punches in to Conni's face, two each to the nose and mouth.

LeeAnn stepped between them. Jane backed away as Conni wobbled on her knees.

"I said this was a fist fight Jane!" the red-haired referee snarled.

Jane shoved the woman to the side as she replied, "I did use my fists." Conni looked up, just in time to see the blonde's knee explode under her jaw.

"UGGGGGHHHHHHH" my lovely friend groaned as she hit the canvas on her back.

Jane stood over her, smiling. She looked right at me as she told LeeAnn, "This is a fight to the finish. ANYTHING goes."

Jerking Conni to her feet by the hair, the blonde hissed to LeeAnn, "You're here to keep the time and maybe keep me from killing this stupid bitch!"

Conni was on her feet. Her mouth and nose trickled blood. It was obvious that the blonde was as good with her fists as she was in a catfight. I prayed that Conni's constitution was up to the punishment the blonde bimbo could dish out.

Jane slammed a right cross to Conni's chin, then ripped the same fist across her cheek backhanded. The brunette staggered, but gamely stayed on her feet. Jane whipped a punch in to Conni's guts, right on the navel. As the brunette bent over, the blonde stepped lightly to the side, lined up her fist, and rifled a solid straight right to Conni's nose.

My friend's head was blasted to the side, and I swear our eyes locked for a split second. Conni was in pain. She was in agony. With blood now pouring from her nose, she hit the mat on her knees again.

I wanted to fly to the ring. I wanted to help her, stop this insane massacre. Part of me was ashamed of the raging hard on in my pants. Raging from the excitement of watching my friend take a vicious beating from this gorgeous blonde.

Jane reached down again and yanked her rival's head and torso upright. Conni finally got in a punch, slamming her gloved right fist in to Jane's stomach.

The blonde smiled again. I knew then that Conni was in serious trouble.

As the bell sounded, the toe of Jane's boot pierced in to the exposed pussy of her opponent. Conni screamed. The blow must have slammed right in to her clit.

Jane released my friend's hair and let her fall over on her face to the dusty mat. As LeeAnn passed her on the way to Conni, the blonde said, "Get that cunt fixed up for the next round, honey. I'm getting horny beating her."

As the redhead helped Conni to her feet, Jane easily slid out of the ring. She walked over to my seat and dropped to her knees in front of my me. Looking up at me with a wicked smile, the topless blonde undid my belt and freed my swollen cock. Her eyes widened, she was delighted by my size and erection.

"I've got a couple of minutes. What do you say we put them to good use?" Jane cooed.

As LeeAnn worked to fix Conni up enough to answer the bell for round two, the sweating blonde warrior sucked my cock like a professional. Conni's blood was on the glove the blonde was using to pump my dick while her mouth worked its magic.

I caught a glimpse of LeeAnn talking to Conni as she cleaned the blood off the battered brunette's face and tits. I wondered if Conni's many stories of catfight victories weren't slightly embellished, especially after her performance so far. I couldn't make out any of the conversation, as my mind was filled with the raw pleasure emanating from between my legs.

Jane was a fantastic cocksucker!

"Cum for me, you son of a bitch," the blonde hissed as she sucked and pumped my hard on with her bloody gloved fist.

"Nooooooo," I moaned, determined not to let this bitch have the satisfaction of getting me to cum for her at the expense of Conni. Despite my feelings, I began running my fingers through her blonde hair. This only encouraged her, as she was now pulling all of me into her mouth.

"Thirty seconds Jane," the red haired referee yelled from the ring to the kneeling blonde bimbo.

With a delicious "SMAACK!", Jane's lips popped off my dick. As she rose to her feet, she smiled down at me and, while pulling her right glove tighter over her fist, said, "You'll bust after this round, my stubborn stud. If I don't kill your little friend, I'll be riding on that hard cock between rounds. Then I guarantee you'll cum!" I’m ashamed to say I found her threat tantalizing.

The big blonde rolled in to the ring a few seconds before the bell rang. Conni was standing, and she advanced quickly to meet Jane in the center of the ring.

LeeAnn had done an excellent job patching my brown-haired friend up. All of her efforts went out the window within thirty seconds, however.

Conni stood toe to toe slugging it out with her blonde nemesis.

The punches came fast and furious, both women scoring wicked punches to each other's face, tits and guts. Conni tried to even the cunt damage as well, lifting her knee in to Jane's crotch. The blow only caught her enemy a glancing shot, however. And the blonde made Conni pay immediately.

Jane's right fist smashed across the brunette's chin, staggering her. I moaned, "Oh God!" seeing Conni wobbling punch drunk. My heart raced at the sight of the bigger blonde hussy punishing my long time friend. The blonde wiped away the blood trickling from her nose and lips, then smiled as she looped a wicked low punch in to my brown-haired friend's leather skirt, just above her pussy. As Conni began to sink to her knees, Jane's next punch almost took her head off!

A wicked "CRAAAAAACK!!!" echoed in the old building as Jane almost broke my friend's jaw with her fist. I leaped from my seat to ringside in time to see Conni land spread-eagled on the mat, her skirt riding high on her hips.

LeeAnn, stunned by the raw savagery of the blonde's punch, didn't move for several seconds. Jane took full advantage of her lack of action, dropping her right knee, with all her weight, directly in to Conni's wide-open black-panty-covered pussy.

The redhead grabbed Jane's right arm, stopping the blonde from landing a sure finishing punch to Conni's face. "Get off her, NOW!" LeeAnn growled.

Jane, smiling broadly, rose slowly, then backed off a few steps. The referee began a rather slow ten count. Jane gazed down at me, her eyes promising sexual pleasures once my friend was counted out. As if on its own accord, my hand began stroking my shaft at the thought.

Conni, ever the sexy warrior, struggled to her feet by the count of nine. I heard LeeAnn ask her if she wanted to continue, and the battered and bloody brunette nodded.

As the referee backed away, Jane charged in, smashing Conni in to her corner body-to-body. I could hear the air whoosh out of my friend as she impacted.

With only seconds left in the round, the blonde ripped six knee shots up and under Conni's short skirt. The blows pummeled Conni's cunt, drawing a grunt from my friend each time.

Mercifully, the bell sounded. LeeAnn rushed in, but was unable to stop Jane from backhanding Conni across the face with her left fist. The redhead literally threw Jane out of the corner to get to the brunette. Conni hung limp, her arms over the ropes keeping her on her feet. Still, she looked incredibly sexy, even with blood dripping off her mouth and nose on to her lovely tits.

As the redhead put a chair under Conni and dropped her in to it, Jane eyed me like a hungry lioness eyes a gazelle. The blonde slid out of the ring to stand next to me. I rose from my chair to meet her.

Jane grabbed me by the hair and kissed me roughly. Her free hand wrapped itself around my still rock-hard cock. Then, right there on the side of the ring, she pivoted and slammed my dick under her short skirt, right in to her waiting cunt.

The blonde bitch wasn't wearing panties, and beating Conni senseless with her fists had her pussy soaked and searing hot. Jane humped me hard and fast, using the side of the ring as a wall to pin me against. Against my will, I felt my hands wrap around her and squeeze her tight, skirt clad ass. What was I doing? She increased her tempo.

Between her tongue swirling in my mouth, her tight, wet cunt rippling around my cock, and watching a vicious gloved fist fight, I wasn't sure I could hold out. I didn't want to give this cunt the satisfaction of taking my cum, but could I stop myself?

"Come on Conni, baby," I thought to myself, "don’t let her do this to me." My mind was solidly in one lady's corner while my body betrayed me to the other's.

As LeeAnn worked her magic on Conni in the corner to my right, Jane was working her own magic on my cock. Just the sight of my hard dick disappearing under her leather miniskirt was almost too much. As I was about to lose control and bust my load inside the blonde warrior, LeeAnn yelled, "Time for round three blondie!"

Jane shoved me as deep as possible inside her, thrumming her cunt muscles in a last ditch attempt to make me pop. Failing to succeed, the hot blonde pulled away. As she smoothed her short skirt down over the tops of her thighs, she hissed to me, "You son of a bitch! No man can resist my cunt!" I stared over her shoulder and watched LeeAnn fish something from her tight pants pocket. She placed it in Conni's hand and wrapped her friend's fingers around it. Whatever it was, it seemed to give the brunette strength as she nodded to her redheaded friend knowingly.

"She...she has something in her right hand." I moaned weakly. Jane looked at me curiously, but nodded. I may never understand why exactly I betrayed my friend just then. Was I that caught up in Jane's sexual spell? Or was this some misplaced sense of fair play? Most likely the former, as the physical ecstasy she provided was well beyond anything I had felt with another woman before.

Jane climbed in to the ring and growled back at me, "You WILL cum very soon. I'm going to pump all that cum right in to your girlfriend's busted up face!" She winked so only I could see.
I slunk back into my chair, hating myself.

The red-haired referee rang the bell for round three.

Jane stood in the center of the ring as Conni approached her. "This time," she grunted to the beaten brunette, "I'm going to finish you..."

Conni approached her confidentially, too confidentially. Her right fist exploded at Jane, everything she had remaining backing it. Jane anticipated this and easily swatted it away. Her boot disappeared one last time between Conni's black skirt. That was it for my sexy friend. She fell in a heap, the foreign object falling from her hand and landing at Jane's feet.
"No. NO!" Screamed LeeAnn. She couldn’t believe it. As she stomped across the ring towards the blonde victor, Jane casually picked up the item. LeeAnn's hands were inches from her blonde locks when she rose in a picture perfect uppercut. LeeAnn was floored as silver coins rained down on her. She had given my devastated friend a roll of nickels with the intention of leveling the blonde. Due to my unexpected warning, her plan backfired entirely and now Jane had claimed her second victim.

The smoking blonde bitch turned to me and smiled, her perfect white teeth shining under the dank lighting of the gym. She blew me a kiss before turning her attention back to the stunned redhead.
"How... did you know?" LeeAnn asked, trying to scoot on her ass away from the advancing home wrecker. Her cheek was already grossly swollen as blood freely flowed from her lips. Jane's only answer came in the form of a stomp to LeeAnn's unprotected pussy. The busty blonde rested her hands on her hips as grinded her foot on the redhead's crotch as casually as if she were stepping out a cigarette. LeeAnn wailed both from pain and the disappointment of seeing her plan come crashing down. Conni moaned weakly in the center of the ring, her own pussy simply having absorbed too much punishment. She'd be no help to her fallen friend.
Jane mounted the very partial ref and began hammering her with gloved fists. LeeAnn could only frantically shake her head to either side in a desperate hope to avoid some of the blows. No such luck. My volatile cock was already set to blow, watching the exposed back of the dominant blonde rain undefended punches brought me closer and closer.
LeeAnn ceased moving, and I worried for the redhead's very life. Jane stood up and with a single push from her booted foot, rolled the unconscious referee from the ring with as much ceremony as one would discard a piece of trash. The scorching blonde came to the ropes nearest me and puckered her lips. She waved a finger and beckoned me to the ring. I was powerless before her seduction and slid in.
Jane freed my cock which exploded out, begging for more of the blonde's attention. She kissed me deeply as she stroked my hard dick. My hands found her breasts and groped at them desperately. Within what seemed like seconds I shot my load. Jane pulled her mouth from mine and looked me in the eyes.
"Thanks stud, I always keep my promises." Jane grinned like a Cheshire cat and backed away.
I pondered for just a second what she meant when I heard a louder groan beneath me. Connie weakly sobbed my name. I looked down and to my horror found my good friend, still holding her destroyed pussy, looking up at me. Her bruised and battered face was covered in a webbing of my cum. I had never felt more ashamed or aroused than I did at that moment.

I fell to my knees, what had I done? I backed away, not wanting to face my best friend who had trusted me with her life. Jane seemed delighted.
"What was that about not being able to keep friends, bitch?" She taunted before kicking Conni in a exposed breast. This rolled the brunette to her back, her face a mask of pain and semen. Jane took a seat on Conni's chest, crushing her battered tits beneath her. She wrapped two gloved hands around Conni's throat and throttled her.
"Next time you decide to get your ass kicked for a man, at least get your facts straight. Gabriel came on to ME that night. He tried for an hour to seduce me, but I wanted no part of him until I found out he was with you. Then we fucked. He called out my name over and over again, I’m sure you never even crossed his mind." Jane was on another planet right now, reliving that night while absent mindedly choking Conni lifeless.
My friend's only replies were desperate gasps and gags. Terror filled her eyes as she felt her life slip away. The only thing that pulled Jane out of her steamy revelry was Conni's body going limp. Jane grudgingly removed her hands from the devastated brunette's throat. She turned her attention back to me. God she was hot, my sexual desire overrode the concern I had for my friend's safety.
Jane had one final show for me. Using just the thumb and forefinger of each gloved hand, she delicately lifted her black miniskirt and draped it over Conni's unresponsive face. Grabbing two handfuls of brunette hair, she forced my dear friend's face into her soaked pussy.
While the actual act was concealed under Jane's leather skirt, it was clear enough what was happening. She was getting herself off using the contours of Conni's face. She moaned and cooed in pleasure before finally cumming herself. Twice in a matter of minutes my once closest friend's face had been ejaculated on. Jane released Conni's head which landed with a thump on the mat. Without even acknowledging me, the blonde collected her blouse and left me alone in the room with both unmoving bodies.

I quickly scrambled over and checked on Conni, she was breathing lightly and had a steady pulse. Thank god. Her face was covered in a milky shine, the combined sex of both myself and her blonde tormentor. I wanted to clean her up, but felt too ashamed. I didn’t deserve to even touch my friend who had been so good to me for as long as I had known her. I covered her with my shirt and backed away.
LeeAnn was coming around when I checked on her. Her face was a mess of swollen bruises and cuts, Jane had really done a number on her. She pushed me away, throwing several profanities at me that I more than deserved.
"Get the fuck out of here. Don’t come near me and don’t you dare touch Conni." She hissed.
I left the gym quietly, unsure of what to do next. There was nothing I could do at this point to make things right.

Conni left a somber message on my answering machine the next day, asking me to call her. How could I? What could I possibly say to explain myself? I'd later find out that Jane made good on all her promises that night. She did indeed end up fucking Gabriel when he returned from France while Conni recovered in the hospital. They broke up without ever actually stating as much.
Jane would end up dropping Gabriel shortly after, she never really had any interest in the man, only what he represented as Conni's boyfriend. To my shock, she'd contact me frequently after that night. We'd get together often as something more than fuck-buddies but not quite as a couple. Despite the fact that she hadn’t actually seduced Gabriel at that party so many months earlier, Jane wasn’t a steady relationship kind of woman. We had a arrangement that worked out well for both of us. We'd see other people, but always came back to each other. The icy, manipulative bitch who had somehow held me under her control and turned me against my good friend was a very different person once you get inside her wall.
We have been seeing each other for some time now. Her Alpha Female personality would occasionally get her into scraps similar to the one she had with Conni. She would often tell me about, and often invite me to these battles. Unlike my old friend, who would exaggerate or out right fabricate her stories for my attention, Jane actually was a warrior. The sex that followed was consistently the best.

As for LeeAnn, I haven't seen or heard from her since that night. I often wonder why she had a personal grudge against Jane, but I fear I may not ever know.


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