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"This fucking sucks!" Titania spat. The foul-mouthed, ill mannered redhead was in a worse mood than usual. And why shouldn’t she be? Shrunk down from her usual 6'11" frame to a mere inch via the "amazing" Pym Particles, she was a resident of a experimental Super-Villain prison that utilized shrinking technology to better control some of its more violent guests. That definitely described Titania. Born Mary "Skeeter" MacPherran, she had been a nobody in her earlier life. A plain, sheepish, often bullied girl from Denver. Even her nickname was a shot at her low stature, with Skeeter being short for mosquito. Then during a cosmic event that would rock Earth to its very foundation, a chunk of Colorado that Mary just happened to be occupying was swept away and made part of "Battle World". The nefarious Dr. Doom saw potential in Mary‘s angst and ambition. Trusting that a lifetime of frustration and a massive inferiority complex made her suitable for his purposes, Doom harnessed alien technology and his own genius to turn the puny Mary MacPeherran into the massively powerful Titania.
Given superhuman strength, durability, and endurance, she also developed a superhuman attitude. No longer one to be pushed around, now she was the tormentor, a role she took to with gusto. Soon after getting her powers, she got into a tangle with the Sensational She-Hulk.
Jennifer Walters was in many ways her perfect counterpart. She also had also been a bit of a wallflower before receiving her gamma powered body through a blood transfusion with her cousin, the Incredible Hulk. Unlike Titania, She-Hulk used her powers for good. The confrontation was inevitable. She-Hulk had underestimated her newly powered redheaded rival, and paid dearly. Titania beat Jen nearly to death, leaving her in a coma. Later she’d knock out the X-Men’s own femme fatale Rogue with a single punch. Titania basked in the adulation of her peers and quickly proved herself to be a major contender. It was here that she met her future husband, Crusher Creel, more commonly known as the super villain The Absorbing man. In the years to come she and She-Hulk would clash many more times. While Titania would usually get the upper hand initially, She-Hulk would often get the best of her, outsmarting her bigger, stronger enemy and sending her repeatedly back to prison. Titania became so obsessed with defeating She-Hulk that eventually her marriage with Crusher would crumble. She blamed this on Walters as well. Her most recent defeat landed her here, in Pym's little ant farm.

Her trip down memory was interrupted when the door to her miniature cell opened. "Prisoner Number 334297, Code Name: Titania, please step out" echoed a booming voice. She stepped out and looked up at none other than Iron Man, who appeared to be hundreds of feet tall due to her recent shrinking. Not letting the size difference fluster her, she marched out to confront him.
"And what the hell do you want?" she yelled so he could hear her. Her squeaky voice made him grin.
"To make you an offer you cant refuse. A chance to get out of here, a small fortune, and a fight with a certain Jennifer Walters who I believe you know as She-Hulk." said Iron Man, who felt a little strange finding someone the size of a thumbnail attractive. Ah well, he was always into badgirls.
Titania couldn’t believe her ears. She resisted the urge to pinch herself.
"And what’s the catch?" her tiny mouth squeaked.
"Well, I don’t expect you to be up to date with current events in here, but basically the world is going nuts. Some rookies screwed up, bad. The government was ready to come down on everyone with powers, so myself and some other rational thinking folks proposed a law that required them to register. To get badges, training, and do things right. She-Hulk is basically being a major pain in my ass, claiming I’m violating the constitution. Well the constitution wasn’t written when people were blowing up cities with the power of their mind. There’s a specific case she’s had a hard on for, some kid who can manipulate reality but was born without a full deck. Obviously we cant have him walking around untreated, but she’s tying it up in court, claiming that because he’s disabled, we cant force him to register. Long story short, she knows she cant win, but to avoid a prolonged court battle that'd make us all look bad, I convinced her to participate in a little... enterprise of mine. I recently mediated a conflict between a pair of Spider-Man's lady friends."
Titania visibly winced at the mention of the wall crawler. She has had a case of arachnophobia after a early run in with the web head. Tony continued, "It worked out so well, I decided to keep it going. We agreed that if she were to win, I'd yield on this particular case, call off the dogs as it were. If a participant of my choice were to win however, she'd resign as his attorney and walk away. Either way all the proceeds from the gate would go to a charity set up for the families of the Stanford Incident's victims. So here’s my offer to you. Win this for me, and you'll get out this prison and placed on a experimental team, The Thunderbolts. After one year of service you'll receive a full pardon and a hefty payment for your service. So how about it? Freedom, money, and a chance to stick it to Ms. Walters, both in and out of the ring?"
Without any hesitation Titania replied "I don’t give a damn about your politics, but getting out of here AND having a chance to smash that bitch? I’m in!"
Meanwhile in San Francisco, She-Hulk was reflecting on the past week as she paced back and fourth in her small apartment. Case files piled up on her desk, her social life a mess, and not to mention this newest b.s. with Tony Stark setting up what was basically a human gladiator arena. Things were stressful. Tony had gone too far. He wanted to force a young child to be taken from his parents and placed into some secret government facility. Looking over his argument, she knew he would most likely succeed. But he presented her with a interesting option. A chance to win one for the good guys and maybe set a precedent for future cases. All she had to do was participate in and win this little bloodsport of his. She had heard of the first one he funded. Spider-Man's wife was beaten and humiliated in front of a large crowd of onlookers. Well that wouldn’t happen to her! She stopped pacing in front of her full length mirror and flexed a bicep. She was a sight to behold. Standing at a full 6'7", with long green hair that matched her complexion and a bust that the Avenger's computer has filed as one of the biggest in the Super-Hero community. She rippled with muscles. After a terrible accident that left her near death, she was given a blood transfusion from her cousin the Hulk that had made her among the strongest women in the world. Few could compare to her beauty, brains, or power. "Bring on whoever you want, I’m ready" she says to herself.

A week later the event was set. Once again the super-powered community came out in droves, though things were a bit different this time. Due to the success of the last event, ticket prices more than tripled. Some of the small time operators were forced to scrape together some cash at the last minute, usually at the expense of a local bank or convenience store. Still the seats were filled. One rather large man wearing a trench coat and hat pushed his way through the crowd towards the seating area, followed by three others...
"There’s really no need to push Ben, I have seats reserved." said Reed Richards.
"Yeah yeah but I wanna get settled in." replied the thing as he shoved three members of Hydra to the side with one hand.
"I cant believe your dragging us to another one of these...things" complained Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman. She had long since been close friends of Mary Jane Watson, and was disgusted at what happened last time. Her friend was humiliated, not just physically but sexually by that bitch Felicia Hardy. And worst of all Reed couldn’t get enough of it. She knew Black Cat purposely played up towards Reed last time, and it worked. He spent more time alone in his lab for several days after, and she knew he wasn’t actually working on anything. She found the whole event distasteful, and she let him know.
"But dear, its for my research. We can study the behaviors of some of our worst enemies in a open environment. Catch potential alliances as they form. We really don’t want to be surprised by a new Frightful Four lineup, do we?" he assured her, though he knew how flakey that sounded.
"Yeah I bet, that’s why you plunked down all that cash for first row seats, haw haw haw!" laugh the Thing, who playfully punched Reed in the arm. Reed winced, his elasticity didn’t mean he didn’t bruise.
They eventually came to their seats in the front row. Many others were still filling in when suddenly everyone's attention turned to the right and various applause and whistles were heard. Spider-Man and Black Cat had just gotten there, and were considered guests of honor. Spidey looked a little odd, wearing a tux with his mask, but Felicia looked stunning in a black ballroom style dress cut to show as much cleavage as possible. As they made their way to their choice of seats they were greeted by people from both sides of the law. Even some longtime enemies like the Rhino and Vulture offered Peter Parker words of congratulations. Black Cat's name was chanted by the mostly male crowd. She blushed slightly and waved. Eventually they made their to their own front row seats, directly across the ring from the Fantastic Four.
Sue was livid, and convinced it was intentional. "I don’t see why we cant do this from somewhere else. I mean there are plenty of other, cheaper seats. And I mean its not even like we can see Dr. Doom from here, he demanded his own Skybox.... Are you even listening to me?" She glanced over to see Reed, Thing, and even her younger brother staring across the ring at the blonde bimbo. Reed's rubber mouth even drooped open a little. With a thought, she sent a invisibly wave that punched him hard in the same shoulder Thing had struck earlier. He winced and knew he was in trouble later. Across the ring, Felicia held Parker's arm tightly and flashed a devilish grin directly at Sue.
As everyone finally settled, Stark entered the ring. This time he was flanked by no supermodels, carried no drink, and avoided playing to the crowd. This fight had to appear to be strictly business for him. Granted the case on the line was a relatively small one, it would be tacky for him to showboat as he had the previous show.

"I want to thank you all for coming, and apologize for the secrecy needed as to who the combatants will be. Your faith in me is flattering. Lets get to it then, shall we? Introducing fighter number one. You've seen her kickass on the streets and in the courts, the one and only, the Sensational She-Hulk!"
The crowd went nuts. A sex symbol that defined a generation. She-Hulk came through the curtain wearing a purple spandex one piece with white trim. She had to admit that she liked the attention. Guys she had put away a few months ago were cheering her! She wasted no time getting into the ring and cracking her knuckles for whatever was about to come.
"And her opponent, fresh out of Super Maximum Security, Titania!"
Again the crowd went wild. Titania was the villain equivalent of She-Hulk. Nearly anyone with a criminal record, and a lot without one, had a newspaper clipping of her in their lair. Of course for a long time she was married to the overly protective Crusher Creel, which made her very off-limits. That no longer being the case, goons of every variety cheered on lustfully, and she loved it. Before her transformation she was a shrimpy 5 foot nobody. Now all eyes were on her. And rightfully so. She was wearing her usual purple costume, which was cut up the middle show her well muscled abs and more of her amazing tits than would be legal to show in some states. She entered the ring and grinned across the ring at her surprised and hated enemy.

"Now ladies, being that you both can bench around 100 tons, certain precautions have to be taken. Instead of ropes, the ring will be surrounded by a transparent force field to keep the spectators safe. The fight goes until there’s a winner. No breaks for rounds, and no rules. Now touch fists and go to your mutual corners and await my instructions.
The two amazons came together in a hateful stare down. Titania was several inches taller, her bust slightly bigger, and her overall frame slightly larger. She was known to be stronger than her green rival as well, which made her repeated losses even more frustrating. Stark felt uneasy between the two. There was no sexual tension, no preconceived notions of a slap and tickle match. Just anger and hate so thick he could feel it. He felt like he was standing on train tracks as two runaway locomotives were barreling towards him. Not wanting to be there when they collided, he ordered both ladies to their mutual corners. Tony went to She-Hulk first.

"You know, you should really reconsider your views on the Registration Act. I'd much rather have you on my side on this. Maybe we could... discuss our views on things at my penthouse?" Iron Man offered. She-Hulk would be quite the conquest, and she really would add some legitimacy to his Pro-registration side.
"You're an asshole, Tony. Take your registration and your date and shove it." She-Hulk sneered. If only her cousin would have recycled this jerk like a tin can years ago...
"Hmm, suit yourself, but remember I offered." And with that he walks across to Titania's corner.
"Listen, I know we haven’t seen eye to eye but I need you to really dust this bitch. Don’t kill her, but win and win big." He leaned in closer and whispered "I’ve invented a little insurance device. Just a little toy to keep things in our favor. Go all out, and remember Stark takes care of his friends." Titania looked at him suspiciously but nodded. She didn’t really understand what he was getting at, nor did she care. This was her chance to get out of that glorified ant farm and pick up a little revenge while she was at it.
Tony Stark exits the ring and takes his seat. He looked over the crowd in this packed house. One face stood out to him. Sue Richard's stared holes at Felicia Hardy. Always thinking ahead, Stark considered the possibilities.
The bell rings to start the fight as a imperceivable bubble encompasses the ring.  Both confident ladies walk to the center to meet each other.
"You never get tired of being beaten, do you, Skeeter?" mocked She-Hulk.
"You never beat me square! You always either had help or some fluke! But not this time, not here! I’m going to kill you!" threatened Titania, and with that she threw the first punch. A wild haymaker that She-Hulk easily sidestepped. One thing about Titania, she was easy to rile up. She-Hulk counted on it. She fired back with a short hook of her own into Titania's belly. Unphased Titania swung again, this time a downward punch aiming for She-Hulk's chest. Again she missed and was given a quick jab to her mouth for her efforts. That actually stung, Titania stepped back decided to be more cautious. She-Hulk remained on guard. After the year she was having, this might be a good release of tension after all.
"I have you, Skeeter, you may as well quit and go back to jail. Maybe I'll put in a good word for you with the judge." She-Hulk taunted. Titania again came in, bluffed another haymaker, and instead wrapped her arms around She-Hulk's waist and pulled her down. The giantesses rolled on the ground, trying to get a dominant position. Titania tried to position her thigh high boot clad leg in a position to land a knee to She-Hulk's pussy. Jenn saw the dirty tactic coming and trapped the long leg between her own well muscled thighs. She answered with a punch to the ribs that would shatter concrete. Titania grunted and continued to struggle for a opening. Eventually they came to a stop with She-Hulk on top. Titania wrapped her arms around her, pulling her in close and preventing her from taking advantage.

"Well isn’t this comfortable, you should be used to being below me by now. Reminds me of the time I kicked your ass outside the courthouse a ways back." She-Hulk taunted. With a burst of anger powered strength, Titania shot a head butt up into Jennifer Walter's beautiful green face and pushed her off. Titania scrambled to her feet while She-Hulk clutched her nose on all fours. Titania rushed across the ring, hoping to deliver a knockout kick to She-Hulk's face, but Jenn recovered just in time to catch the boot and kick her other leg out, sending Titania down onto her curvy ass.
She-Hulk, like anyone else, hated being struck in the nose. Still holding on to Titania's boot, she swung and threw the redhead the full length of the ring into the force field. The people in the first several rows braced for impact but were saved as the busty redhead smashed some unseen object and fell back to the ring. Titania's body arched in pain as she held her lower back. She-Hulk walked the distance of the ring slowly, sizing up her foe and deciding what to do next. She reached down and grabbed a handful of red curls and began to pull Titania to her feet.
Titania, sensing a opening and trying to ignore the pain in her back, drove a punch just above She-Hulks crotch but below her belly button. The green goddess doubled over from the blow. Titania got to her feet and delivered a sickening uppercut to She-Hulk's face that drew blood from her lips and mouth and took her off her feet. Still aching, Titania was slow to follow up. This time it was her who grabbed her enemy's hair to hoist her up. She-Hulk had regained enough awareness to push her away.
"So I guess that makes us even, eh 'Skeeter'?" She-Hulk said as she wiped away the blood from her lip. She knew Titania hated the nickname, an unflattering reminder of her unimpressive past, which only caused her to use it all the more often.
"We've never been even. I’ve always been better than you! I’m bigger, stronger, sexier" Titania snarled.

"Which must make all those losses so hard to swallow, doesn’t it?" she replied, ready to meet the advancing redhead.

Titania charged, her rage powered blows came too fast for even the more technically proficient She-Hulk to fully anticipate. Gloved fists delivering enough force to topple buildings found openings in Jennifer Walter's guard, impacting against her prominent breasts and gorgeous face. A looping hook found She-Hulk's kidney, causing the green giantess to grunt and drop her guard for a moment. A moment was all the time Titania needed. Imitating a move she had seen her rival's own cousin use once, Titania clapped her hands together on She-Hulk's tits, causing a thunderous boom, disorientating the majority of the audience and sending She-Hulk reeling back into the supporting arms of the turnbuckle and top rope. The glass shattering boom shredded She-Hulk's spandex top, leaving wisps of material hanging from her huge, now exposed breasts. Somehow the gamma enlarged globes survived the blow, capped by large, darker green nipples. The recovering crowd hooted and hollered at the sight; a now topless She-Hulk shaking the cobwebs away as her arms splayed out to either side, holding onto the ropes for support.

'That hurt, that hurt really bad' She-Hulk thought to herself. Through watery eyes she saw her mortal enemy's smug grin just a few yards away. She'd not give her the satisfaction of watching her crawl into the fetal position and hug her devastated babies like she wanted to. Nor would she attempt to cover her nakedness up. Any distraction would very likely prove fatal. While not a mass murderer, Titania  didn't have the same compunctions about killing that She-Hulk did, especially in a blood feud like the one they shared. She would have to fight, not just for victory, but possibly for her very life.

A determined She-Hulk pushed herself out of the corner and towards to waiting adversary.

"I'm going to juice those ugly limes of yours before I finish you, once and for all" Titania gloated as she cracked her purple glove clad knuckles. She-Hulk had no witty or cutting response. Instead she fell back on her training and met the towering redhead on equal ground. The two giantesses exchanged heavy blows. Neither making any visible effort to block, caring only for inflicting punishment on the other. Gradually the more measured blows, along with her skill at "rolling with the punches" allowed She-Hulk slow pull ahead on her thrown to landed ratio. Not above a little dirty fighting herself, especially with the stakes so high, Jennifer Walter grabbed Titania's costume at the large opening trimmed to expose a maximum amount of cleavage and ripped abdomen, and jerked her into a crushing knee lift. Her patella landed just beneath the redhead's massive breasts and drove the oxygen from her lungs. A growl ending in a loud "Oomph" echoed through the invisible dome as She-Hulk maintained her grip on the purple spandex. Using her considerable strength and a bit of momentum she swung her arch nemesis towards the far turnbuckle. With a loud tear, Titania stumbled away. She turned just as she hit the turnbuckle, now facing her hated enemy who held long strips of fabric in each hand.

Now it was She-Hulk's turn to smile smugly as she had evened the playing field, exposing Titania's own enormous juggs. Less embarrassed than angry, Titania ripped the remnants of her top off, leaving just her spiked arm coverings with gloves, a golden belt and thin cloth covering her ass and crotch, and of course her knee high boots and mask. Again the crowd reacted predictably as they roared their appreciation. Tony Stark allowed himself a sly grin, this little venture was working out better than he dared hope.

The topless amazons closed the space between them and mutually locked fingers in a test of strength. Gloved hands laced together as they fought to settle things once and for all. Two of the strongest women in the world grunted and strained, each trying to close the book on their rivalry with one standing dominant and the other being outclassed and shamed in front of her peers. A lot of pride was on the line at this very moment as each fancied themselves, and often bragged about being, stronger than the other. The battle seemed deadlocked. Green and pink nipples aimed at each other like cannons on opposing battleships.

In the crowd Tony decided it was time to test drive his latest invention and eliminate a thorn in his side all at the same time. He always thought himself a fair sportsman, and he loved watching a good fight. Especially between women like these! But he had to do what he had to do. He reached into his pocket and began to work the remote dial that would eat away at She-Hulk's amazing strength and endurance. He decreased it slowly so she would think Titania was merely wearing her out, and not suspect foul play. Sitting nearby, the Juggernaut saw Stark's hand working with something in his pocket and let out a bellowing laugh that echoed through the arena. Tony, embarrassed, decided that 75% of her full strength would be sufficient and removed his hand while shooting Juggernaut a dirty look, which only made him laugh harder.

Back in the ring, She-Hulk could feel her arms begin to tremble. Titania was starting to break the deadlock and force the battle in her favor. Titania's white teeth sparkled from ear to ear in a sadistic smile as she forced She-Hulk down to her knees. She could feel the green bitch's knuckles begin to crack. She-Hulk's face contorted as she was forced from her knees all the way to her back. Titania wasn’t going to release the hold until her hands were broken. The usually confident Jennifer Walter's was clearly starting to panic. She couldn’t lose to this bitch in front of all these people. She knew Titania would have no mercy on her should she win.

Titania stood over the now prone She-Hulk. The big green bitch was laying on her back, writhing in agony as Titania painfully held her grip. One foot at a time, she gingerly stepped on She-Hulk's belly. Systematically she began stomping her feet. Every blow threatened to crack ribs and drove the air from her rival. After several stomps she braced herself and delivered a solid kick into the undersides of She-Hulk's exposed tits. Jenn squealed as her massive boobs were battered. She wanted to cover up but her hands were still being broken in her enemy's clutches. Titania basked in the cheers and jeers of the crowd, and reveled in the agony on She-Hulk's face. She began alternating kicks and stomps to her giant green breasts. After several more repeated blows, Titania was satisfied with the breast torment. Releasing Jenn's hands to fall limply at her sides, Titania dropped down quickly, planting her ass on She-Hulk's defeated belly.

"Not so cocky now, are you? You fucking green cow! Well lets take care of those udders!" Titania screamed. Before She-Hulk could process what was going on, Titania fired a looping slap into her left breast. The crack of palm on flesh rang out through the venue. The boob was rocked to the side with enough force to dent a engine block. She-Hulk couldn’t even scream. Never had anyone attacked her breasts before, now they seemed to be a favorite target.
"Wow that felt good, how about a few more?" and with that Titania began alternating slaps. Her arms pinned under Titania's knees, She-Hulk could only scream and sob as her babies were being rocked. Titania smiled sadistically. "All that time in jail gave me a chance to really think about what I wanted to do to you, and before the nights over I plan on doing it all!" she promised. She stopped slapping She-Hulk's massive orbs from side to side and proceeded to flatten them with punches rained straight down. The giant redhead hooted with delight as each punch brought agonizing pain to the oversized freak. She never suspected her archenemy's weakness would be her chest. Now everyone in attendance would know. Jenn's eyes went glassy after just a few blows.
"It isn’t over yet, She-Pig!" yelled Titania. She drew way back and delivered a thunderous slap to She-Hulk's face that rung the ears of several spectators. Jenn's eyes started to open just in time to see Titania dismount her. She reached down wrapped her hands into a mound of green locks. Without hesitation Titania flung the helpless emerald vixen into the far side of the ring with the force of a bullet. She-Hulk smashed the transparent barrier and fell limp to the mat. Titania, hands on her hips, walked over to her rival. "I'd like to say I’m disappointed, but this is great. I always knew you were a weak bitch, and now so does everyone else!" she crowed. She reached down and picked her enemy up by the hair. She-Hulk offered no resistance, her arms hung to her sides and her glossy eyes looked into Titania's. "Now I’m really going to enjoy myself. I nearly killed you the first time we met, but after tonight you'll wish you were dead." Titania laughed, and with that she locked her arms around She-Hulk's waist and lifted her into a bearhug. She-Hulk gritted her teeth in pain, trying not to cry out but unable to. Titania's large pink reacted as if on cue as they stabbed into She-Hulk own emerald ones.

The hidden device under the ring was doing its job perfectly. Every ounce of strength was crushed out of the stricken heroine. Titania smiled through gritted teeth and poured all her considerable power into crushing her enemy. She had always enjoyed a size advantage, but it was never enough. Somehow she was constantly thwarted by her smaller rival. Now she was able to take full advantage. The sight of her enormous breasts swallowing her enemy's sent a shiver of excitement through her body. Deep down she had always known she was superior to this gamma fueled freak, and now everyone else knew it. She violently shook her victim from side to side, further delighting her rival's limp body and hair being tousled around so easily. Too easily in fact. If Titania had any sense of "fair play" she might find this victory cheap or hollow. But she of course didn’t, and basked in every second of it. She could feel the telltale popping as several ribs gave way and cracked under the incredible pressure she was exerting in her unforgiving grip.

She-Hulk's head rested on her Mary's shoulder, a small amount of drool and traces of blood running out. Wanting to put a exclamation mark on her victory, Titania grabbed She-Hulk at the crotch and shoulder and hoisted the limp body overhead. Jennifer Walters never expected her day to end this way. Staring at the lights, her limp arms and legs hanging uselessly and refusing to respond to her mind's demand for action. Her green globes having long since gone numb but promising hours of pain later. Her worst enemy's hand cruelly gripping her pussy as she was suspended roughly 10 feet off the ground. With explosive acceleration she was brought down spine first across Titania's waiting knee. Then everything went black as unconsciousness mercifully came over her.

Titania nonchalantly shrugged the unconscious body to the ground. The bell ringing to end the fight was little more than a formality. It had been over for a while. Titania simply wasn’t satisfied. The years of defeat, periods of incarceration, and loss of her husband couldn’t be made up for in such a brief, albeit glorious, beating. Mary reached around under Jennifer's arms and easily hoisted her to her feet. She walked her to the invisible barrier and allowed the green giantess to fall into it chest first. The transparent wall supported her as the audience went wild as her abused tits ballooned against it. The woman many thought to be the most powerful in the world was now a broken parody of herself. Taking a short step back, leaving Jenn propped against the wall, Titania lashed out with a kick to She-Hulk's upper back that fully pressed her face and chest against the barrier one last time before she crumpled to the mat.
"Never forget this you green freak! Always remember today! Always remember what I did to you!" Titania screamed as she flexed her massive arms.

"As if you needed me to tell you, here’s your winner, Titania!" Tony chimed in over the loud speaker. The roar of the crowd told Tony Stark that this event was every bit as successful as the last one. Not to mention She-Hulk's defeat was a big step forward for his Registration Act, though even he was concerned for his one time friend's well being. He couldn't remember the last time he had seen someone absorb this kind of punishment. He remotely powered down the force field as his medical staff attended the defeated Jenn Walters.
Titania stepped out of the ring and continued to play the crowd. Finally it was her moment. Her 15 minutes of fame. The Wrecking Crew all offered her high fives. She raised her hands and announced "I told you all! I’m the toughest woman in the world!"

"Ah doubt that, I’m not impressed at all." came a husky sweet voice from the crowd. Titania turned to see Rogue of the X-Men standing against the guardrail, arms crossed, challenging her. The Wrecking Crew erupted in a chorus of "Oooohs." Titania was livid. The little bitch stood there, unflinching. Dressed in tight jeans and her leather bomber jacket, she was half Titania's size.
"In fact ah think it was just luck. She-Hulk has given you more licken's than I can count. Every dog has its day, even mutt wannabes like you." Rogue continued and several people around her laughed. Titania was furious. This little bitch was stealing her moment. Her mood was already ruined! She lashed out, determined to put the X-Woman on her ass. Whether it was fatigue from her fight slowing her down, or because it was telegraphed, or simply because Rogue was just that good, the punch was dodged and answered with one in return. Titania's vision went dark for a split second and next thing she knew she was the one on her ass. Before she could regain her footing, half a dozen robotic drones were restraining her, pulling her back behind the curtain. Rogue wiggled her fingers in a taunting wave.
"Tah Tah" was the last thing Titania heard as she was pulled away. Titania spat a dozen curses, all vowing revenge. Her greatest victory had been spoiled, and just a few feet away a familiar scene played out, hundreds of people all laughing at her.
::Five minutes after the fight::

Several of Iron Man's security drones overworked themselves trying to keep the near 7 foot tall raging redhead Titania from rushing through the curtain and causing havoc in the arena. By all rights this should have been the most satisfying moment of the amazons’ life. She had finally given her long time nemesis She-Hulk a sound beating, albeit it with a little assistance from a dampening field provided by a vengeful Iron Man. She had earned her freedom and put the entire super-community on notice. Her big moment however was unfortunately cut short by X-men member and southern bombshell Rogue, who essentially humiliated her in front of several hundred of her peers.

"I’m going to destroy that bitch! Let me go!" Titania ordered.

"I don’t think so honey, I cant have you running berserk out there. People are liable to get hurt. Now if you don’t calm down, you're going to lose everything you just earned. Do you really want another timeout?

The prospect of going back to her "special" prison hit Titania like a bucket of ice water. She calmed, instantly.

"Fine, make the fight then, I want her ass out there where everyone can see."

"No can do, legs. Professor Xavier looks at her and all the X-Men as his children, and I look at him as a telepath who I don’t particularly care to piss off. Any action between you two cant have my name attached. Now before you go getting all steamed again, remember you're on the Thunderbolts now. You are being held accountable to a higher power. Now lets go meet your teammates...
So I put the finishing touches on my latest story. Kind of a short romp, but I was hoping someone wouldn't mind giving it a once over before I post it, maybe give me some notes on how to make it better?
Heya folks, sorry for being so long with the updates. I'm kinda working on a new project for my deviant art page that will result in a lot more stories written. Hopefully it will get me in gear to finish the Spider-Man centric series we started so long ago. Thanks for checking in on me and encouraging me to get off my ass and finish and hopefully I get some stuff up soon that you might enjoy.


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